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Kissing Is The Essence to Great Sex (Women Want It)

kiss… When you are a young boy or girl it is important to think when you might receive that first kiss. You imagine when it will happen? When you have your first crush you think how would it feel to kiss them? Sometimes it happens very young when you’re 5, 6 or 7 and it just happens. It doesn’t mean much to you only that you kissed a boy or girl and that you may have liked it. As you get older that first kiss means more. It takes you to the thought that you have never kissed anyone before and will you know how. You may even practice on a pillow or ask someone that might know, like an older sister. Sometimes the first kiss like me was taken by surprise with not the boy that I really liked but the boy that liked me. He didn’t asked, we had been drinking and in the bushes (don’t ask me why) and we just kissed. My first kiss came in the beginning of 9th grade, kind of late right? Although I was a late bloomer in this department and although I had my first real boyfriend in my summer going into 8th grade, I had no desire to kiss him. My first kiss came in the beginning of 9th grade, kind of late right? I do remember being best friends with my first boyfriend. We were super close and I remember that I couldn’t wait to get home to talk to him. So why wasn’t my first kiss with him? Maybe I was afraid I wouldn’t kiss well? I did think back and I thought I must have not liked him the right way. I realized when I was trying to pass him to my friend so I could kiss the guy I liked. I do remember kissing and kissing boys for hours. But as for myself I kissed and not until I was with my boyfriend that I was serious did I advance any further. Maybe that is why I got so good at kissing. But it made the person I was. I made my boyfriend that I was with have the want to want me very badly. He hung around and waited but I ended up going to college without ever having sex with this boyfriend that I was with for 2 and half years and even got pre engaged. I know corny but it was what it was. In college right from the beginning I met the guy that I marry and although I did go on a dates, I ended up marrying this guy of my dreams, and he was shorty after. This was my first partner, and he waited and until we did have sex. We kissed and kissed and kissed and it was great foreplay until with finally had sex. Point being that we need kissing it is very important foreplay. Women have made men think that kissing is not important, or it is okay to get right down to business when it’s not. By opening up your legs ladies without that kissing foreplay is taking away good old fashion romance… kissing! What does kissing mean? It means that a man is into you. To a man kissing is very intimate. And practice does make perfect. For a little information, if you get kissing down right then giving head for both women and men will be given a whole lot better. Kissing is the stem of sex. Being kissed is extremely important being kissed from your mouth all the way down your body. Softly, passionately, all this foreplay brings you to having great out of this world sex. That is what we want to all achieve. If you are just looking to bang and bail, this is not even sex, it’s yucky. I have no other word because for a woman you’re being used. For a man you can’t be good. I had a friend that was dying to sleep with this really good guy that slept around. She finally had sex and she said he was horrible. So why would someone that had so much sex be so bad. Because he didn’t care about the girls he was with. So he is not taking the time to do or learn what he should be doing to make the women feel good. So a kiss is just not a kiss, it’s foreplay, it’s intimacy, it’s what you should be doing before you have sex with someone that you care about or at least really want to have awesome sex with. Men need to know how important kissing is and women we love it so we need to tell them, and if the guy sucks oh boy, that’s another article. But kiss, kiss and kiss…that will bring on better sex or love making. Barbara Jeanne xo

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This is another great subject. I believe kissing has become a lost art. If you have never experienced what I like to call a long make out session with someone your really into............well if you haven't experienced it.. your really missing out.....any two people can have sex...the true connection comes through the can learn alot about a person by the way they kiss....are the shy.........maybe a little tentative.......or are the aggressive............there is nothing better in the world when two people........two great kissers meet...........for me kissing is the key...........kissing softly on the lips.............or passionatly...........kissing her soft shoulders and neck........there is no better feeling in the world when you make that i said.......anyone can have sex................its sharing a special kiss...........its the best.........

October 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTim

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