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How To Find Love (What To Do Right & What You're Doing Wrong)

Why is it that people go on every social site from Facebook to Plenty of Fish, Match.Com, to E Harmony and the list goes on without success? Could it be that all these sites can’t match people? Remember these sites are here to bring two people that meet to begin to talk. From this point it is the two people that meet to get to know one another and to see if there is chemistry over the internet. From there you two might go on to speak on the phone. If all goes well from here then usually you two go on to meet. The person that you meet may be everything you thought but many, many times they are not. So even if you give them a whirl, as you get to know them more and more you know they are not the one for you. So you continue to look, but that is something most people do anyway. There is not that much loyalty in meeting and seeing where it goes with one person. There are just too many people out there to just see one, many think. And this goes for both women and men. Next the more I am hearing women and men do not know how to treat their newly found friend. Even if they do like you, this still isn’t enough. Continuing to look for a better suited person, you look and look until you come to the realization that this doesn’t work, or does it. Could it be we just don’t know how to go about getting that relationship the one that we will want for always and forever? Maybe we think that is impossible so we look for the person for right now and move on to the next. This leaves us eventually unfulfilled, wanting to find the real deal. But I truly believe we need to work on ourselves. Work on how we treat people, especially the person we are looking to fall in love with. We need to treat them with respect. Men need to act like gentlemen and women needs to act like ladies. Don't bring up sex before you have at least gotten to know the person and become close and hopefully have meet. No sex before a commitment. Yes monogamy until you get into a relationship that you feel that having sex is more than just sex. Closer to making love, then you know it is right. Kissing is the best foreplay and flirty is a must. It is extremely fun to fondle, touch and have the want to have the other person. But before you give yourself and do this please have some sort of commitment. You should know if you care for this person and they care for you. This way you will not be hurt if you give yourself to someone only to see them surfing the net or the site you met after your encounter. Ladies should speak, act and conduct themselves as such and if you do not, learn. Men should open the door, take the lady out, even if it you don’t have the money. If you’re short on cash then plan something inexpensive, fun, use your imagination. But it’s important to take them on a date that creates excitement. None of this come hang out at my house. And girls, ladies and women should not accept this. You need to be able to have a good conversation, to get the want to continue to talk and to see one another. And you also need to show you are well rounded. This is what most people lack. If you are looking for a ten and don’t want to accept less then you should be a ten. If you are open to meeting different people you have a better chance at meeting the right one. Having an open mind and heart you will be able to have a bigger choice. Please work at being someone you would want to be with. And last of all don’t accept being plan b or a booty call. You will stay that role always. You will find love by being open and stay away from the people that you see the big red flags. Barbara Jeanne xo

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