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We Lost the Way to Find Real Love, True Love (Let me Refresh Your Memory)

         Many people today are using these social sites to actually socialize. Such as Facebook, Plenty of Fish, E Harmony, and the list goes on and on it seems in these days. There are so many sites from religion, to race to age, and type of education. Hum, that is quite crazy because people are trying just about everything, going outside of their box. It seems to be entertaining people so much. Almost to the point that people are staying in and having an intimate evening with their laptop and whoever is on the other side than to actually getting out and going an actual dates. So what do I mean, well people have their simulating conversations online, then they basically take care of themselves sexually that they don’t need to leave the house at all. Disagree? I was in a relationship with a guy as such so I decided to see was I alone or do many people do this and I wasn’t alone. Many people actually do this. And they either masturbate to the person that they think they are talking to on the other side of the computer or they have their porn site waiting to please. The good thing for them is they don’t have to go out and meet anyone and they can be whoever they want to be online. The bad thing is that computers are really stifling the reality of who you really are. As well as truly meeting people and making relationships become a reality. The worse part for the people that want to meet the person they are talking to. And the person on the other side has no intentions for one reason or another. You are wasting the person precious time. Also, if you do meet the person and don’t decide they are not for you, tell them. Although you don’t really owe them an explanation, it might be the kind thing to do. You don’t have to make it formal, just send a simple text saying, it was nice meeting you but I going to keep on looking. People are so chicken shit that they just disappear but the funny and stupid part of it is that you hear from the person when they realize that nothing is out there. And they start writing, texting or calling you again. Is it that there nothing, or nobody out there? Or are people just acting like they could care less that people go around in a circle and still come up empty handed, even going back to the same person. Exactly they are the same person that you really didn’t like, so why go back? Stop!  We need to find a better quality of a person as well as we need to be a better quality of a person. We have become selfish, lazy, and is this is what our children are seeing, hum, that’s not good. What we need to do is bring back morals, bring back unselfishness, loving, caring….come on we know the things that we need for a healthy relationship and if you don’t, well you need to learn. We are meant to love, we are meant to be loved. It helps of flourish in our everyday lives and it does complete us. Some people say we should be complete by ourselves. Of course we should and if you are content that way so be it. But for those that are hopeless romantics like me that want to be in love, live to be in love, then we need to work on ourselves to be wanted. As I said before the want is so very important. If you don’t know how to create the want, follow along as I say it over and over and you will eventually get it. You will live it and YOU WILL FIND LOVE! Barbara Jeanne xo

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