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Why Love, Why Be N a Relationship?


               Relationships are taking a toll. Many people want one, but do not want to invest the time to have one. We seem more comfortable being on media sites for entertainment. People only seek out a real person when the need intimacy. This is usually when ones is feeling down, or feels they want that feel of a human body.

           So what is happening? People hop online and troll the internet until they find who they want to chat for the evening. Or they might have a few they are juggling. When the night is coming to an end we say our goodnights. But some before doing so take time to pleasure themselves. (Sorry so Bold) Others wait until they are alone and fantasize of whom they were talking to or not. So what we have is what our brain is telling us, that we had an evening of stimulating conversation with the opposite sex. It is everything you might get on a date but it was free. You didn’t have to leave the comforts of your own home, and you weren’t let down by the fantasy of who you think this person is.

            Am I saying something we all don’t know? Absolutely not, and this goes for both guys and gals. Guys think “I don’t have to spend the money, or leave the comforts of my home”. While girls think, “I don’t have to shave and get all done up”. Some people are actually okay having people think they are something they are not.

            So with this we are losing intimacy, which is something so important to flourish in life. You might be fine alone, and it might be okay now. But seeing people I know grow old alone literally breaks my heart. Unless you have the money to travel abroad alone (sounds fun) then it’s something to think about. Years sneak up quickly; you may feel young and vibrant now, but you may not in a few years. And then what will be your plan then? When everyone you know gets old, are we going to become the Golden Girls or the Golden Boys? The thought might be ok, but in the show “The Golden Girls” even they were looking for Mr. Right.

              Bottom line, it’s your life to choose, but I love to come home to someone, or they come home to me. I love to laugh with someone and be silly in person. I love the touch and feel and have contact of a person daily.  And I want to look forward to growing old and going to the early bird specials holding hands. That to me is awesome! Love, Barbara Jeanne xo


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