Is Dating The New Commitment
Monday, September 12, 2016 at 08:56AM
Barbara Jeanne

Today's rules of marriage or a life time partner seems to have changed, or be a thing of the past. There is no longer life time romance or I can't live without you, for always and forever love. Actually that seems to end six months into the relationship if it is even to last that long. And if it does pass that lust and grow into love, why are couples so easy to throw in the towel? Being married doesn't seem to matter, till death do we part really means until we give up and stop trying. Could it be that old saying the grass is greener on the other side, but is it? Or are we so easy to disregard a relationship as easy as it is to stop working out or give up on that diet that we can't do. People always say it's hard to find a good woman or man, but when we do find them we seem not to want them. Are we programmed in relationships as we are as children to get bored with a toy and toss it aside for the new one? Is it men that have changed or is it women that are willing to accept less? Are men simply satisfied going to work, do their weekly agenda and seeing their love interest when they feel the need for affection, intimacy, or maybe just sex. Is dating the new commitment? Is romance dead; is it too late to bring it back? Women watch romantic movies wishing it was them, men call these movies chick flicks. So how can we get back on the same page? It might be too much to ask a man to come to our rescue as a knight and shining armor. But maybe if we women as a whole wouldn't accept anything but more, we just might get romance back in our men. I can't speak for all women just hopeless romantics like me. Barbara Jeanne xo

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