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A Fast & Easy Way to Losing Weight


            Everyone has issues with their body. Too fat, too skinny, too short, and too tall. Even people who work out and they have an awesome body have issues. I worked out all my life and I have always had an issue with my boobs. I thought I was too flat. And although l always ways wanted to get my boobies done. I just can’t get myself to doing that. It may be for some people and I know I would love them. But I just feel that I’m blessed with what I have. Let’s just leave it there.

            It is wonderful that people are embracing and starting to love their body. Big butts are in and a little extra weight is a girl’s preference and guys seem okay with that. We will always have those avid die hard people that will always work out. But being in the field since college it is very hard to keep up the ritual of working out if there isn’t a reason. Getting paid and making a living out of fitness is a pretty good one especially if you do this full time. And the added benefit to this is you get a kick ass body. Add that with some good family genes and you are one lucky person.

          If you feel you don’t have the time to work out, don’t have the motivation to work out, or just think it’s too late, don’t! I am here to tell that you don’t have to do much but you do have to be consistent. You can have a 20 minute workout but you need to do this 3 to 4 times a week. If you can do this you will with no doubt see a difference in 2 to 3 weeks. If you get off the schedule that’s okay just remember it is better to do something than nothing. So get up and know that if you do this it will make you not only look good, feel good, it’s good for you for your mind, soul as well.

          It’s also important what you eat. We all know when we are eating too much or something that has too many calories. It’s okay to either have a little piece or once in a while but doing this every day, you will gain. So keep in mind your daily intake and what will make you put on those pounds. It will just be that much harder to take them off. So from now on think about what you put in your mouth and start to create the want to dedicate 15 to 20 minutes of your time to working out. If you can put in more time that would be absolutely fabulous. But anything is always better than nothing when it comes to working out.

          So as you are getting excited about your work out, I am going to get together any easy workout that won’t kill you. Most people have injuries or weak spots in their body and should not be doing jumping jacks or sit ups. You never want to jolt your body that much if you have injuries and you never want to titter on your spine. So get your music ready. You know that music that moves your soul. And I will be posting that workout in the next few days so please to look for it. Love Barbara Jeanne xo


Working Out The Easy Way!

                      Many of us have issues with ourselves especially our bodies. We are not all so lucky to have been able to work out as a career like myself. It forces you to stay fit and that makes you healthier mind, heart and body. So if you are not forced to work out but do there has got to be a reason.  You are either addicted to this lifestyle of fitness and all it brings with it, compete professionally, or have a partner that is making you go with them. I’m just sayingJ. There are people who pay for a year membership and rather waste it then go. My point is that you either you like it or you just can’t get into it. Which by no means is a bad thing, it’s just that working out is not your thing.

              So how can you maintain somewhat of a firm body without banging weights? Well you can tone anywhere and almost at any time. I know I might sound like a broken record but it is so true. Squeeze those buns when you are standing anywhere. Yep, squeeze release, squeeze release. You have just worked out you gluts. Standing and not doing anything go up and down on your toes, next bounce. Sounds crazy? Well you just worked out your calves. Have to go to the bathroom at work, you all know we don’t sit on the toilet so hold you self-secured and and you have just worked out you hamstrings. If you get in bed taking a breather leave your body straight. Next plant those hands behind your neck for support and tuck your chin in and slightly lift and go down, you have just worked out your abs. Last thing for today will be inner and outer thighs. As you are brushing your teeth V your legs with knees in line with your feet go down and up, kind of like a playa. Do all 2 sets of 16 for each and you can build to do more as you go along.

             This isn’t a hardcore work out but do know that doing something is better than nothing and if you are consistent you will see results. I would say try to do at least 3 to 4 times a week. If you can do every day more power to you. I know how hard it is, so I will be checking up to remind you. And know that if you do this until the summer you will see a difference. So let’s get going! Barbara Jeanne xo


New Year; New You = Fit!

               How many start the year with “I am going to diet”. “I am going to work out”. “I am going to fit in this dress again”. And many guys want to trim down their waist. We all have issues with our bodies, it’s not vain it is truly the reality of how we think. We want to look good. We see all the magazines with beautiful people and we think we should look like them. First off they don’t even look like that. And when we do see them all glammed up they have be primped and pampered and given the clothes they wear to look that awesome. Their hair and makeup is done professionally. And if you see them in a magazine it is 100% photo shopped and many by the person’s personal photographer. So all you have to be is you. You have to be happy with yourself. You have to live with yourself so learn to love you. And if someone hasn’t told you lately “you are pretty awesome”.

                 So how can we achieve our goals when we have no energy to do this extra activity called working out? Eliminate one thing from your daily intake. For example if you eat a bowl of cereal before bed, stop. If you eat an oversized muffin for breakfast down size to a smaller one with fewer calories or cut it out period. Choose things that start your day with fewer calories such as oatmeal. If you can do this it will help to eliminate calories from your diet. In turn it will help you to lose a few pounds. But this is something to do daily for a period of time. Invest 3 months, 6 months or more. The longer you do the more weight you will lose. A big one is soda. This can add pounds.  Limit soda to 12 ounces if it is something you truly like. And most of all don’t go for seconds. You had your plate to eat. Seconds is not necessary. Your mind might say it is but your body doesn’t need it.

            Necessities are usually breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now if you take medication or have a low blood sugar or a medical problem then that is a different story and follow your physicians guide lines.  If you like to snack try to grab healthy ones such as celery, it doesn’t sound yummy but yet it does more than you think. It hydrates you, appetites your craving from the crunch and it actually has natural salt that you crave in snacks. And do not eat a few hours before bed. Allow your body to digest the calories.

            And lastly move, instead of the elevator take the stairs. Instead of driving to the mail box, walk. Put on music and dance. You get the idea. Children love games get a beach ball and throw it around with the children. The ball is so lightweight it does little harmJ. In a relationship have sex; it burns off more calories than you think. Find where your grove is at and move and you might fit in those old pants or that little black dress and that would be absolute success! Love Barbara Jeanne xo


Simple & Easy Toning at Your Convenience

    Let’s get motivated to having fun losing weight. We think of losing and right away we think of how hard it’s going to be. It’s usually a struggle to stay eating properly and do a bit of exercise. I know that I worked out my whole life and when I had to change my career a bit and wasn’t able to do fitness full time. I sometime find it a bit of a challenge to have the want after a long day.

           Many of my clients tell me that it is almost impossible to manage to eat properly and find time or are just too tired, busy or can’t get motivated to exercise. So instead of giving up on it why not incorporated in your day. It would be best to do your workout all at one time. But if you find it easier you can tone a bit throughout the day. How? Well say you are standing talking to someone or cooking you can do lots of butt squeezes and no one will know a thing. Just don’t make any faces or grunting sound as you do them J Other times that you might be able to get some toning in is standing at the copy machine, cooking dinner, brushing your teeth. Those are just a few, extend your legs one at a time of course and lift. It’s that easy. If you are sitting in your chair at work or home watching television just extend the leg out in front of you and lift. You can also bring your knee into you tummy and extend.  Next extend your leg and point and flex. Right there you have worked out your butt, hamstrings, quads and calves. Wherever you are you can squeeze your tummy and release. This can be done walking, driving, and just about everywhere. Lastly we can’t forget the arms. This one is you can also do just about anywhere. Lift over your head and stretch them. Get a good stretch. Keeping them up in the air fold and extend, fold and extend. Next put your arms behind your back hold your hand and get a good stretch in. Keeping them extended and hold your hands together bend and extend. All exercises to 24 times, and when you have achieved this you can double up. This takes away any excuse to do whatever you can. It’s that simple. Love Barbara Jeanne xo P.S. watch your food intake and no more second helpings.               


Eating In Moderation & Exercise Will ShedThat Unwanted Weight


                   Every day you need to be conscious to your intake of what you eat. One thing many of us do is over eat and then say “I will start eating better tomorrow”.  And that is a big mistake. Every piece of food adds calories. So if you eat a big piece of chocolate cake then say “oh boy I shouldn’t have eaten that”, but yet go for the second is the problem. Why? Because every piece of food you eat adds weight and calories to your body. That’s were mentally you start to know that you are going to gain with each bite. And keep in mind that every pound put on gets harder to lose. As it gets harder to lose and become more of a challenge, mentally you are already exhausted.

               So we want to keep it positive instead of feeling like losing is a burden.  If you haven’t been exercising for a bit and have gained weight, your metabolism is probably dormant. You need to kick start it to get it moving. I know some people say it’s horrible to count calories. But in my many years in the field I find this very effective. I start most of my clients at 1500 hundred to get your metabolism moving. Now a day everything you eat comes with the calories of each serving on the box. But for some reason it doesn’t you can google any piece of food for the calories.  

              I will post healthy foods to eat for each meal, as well as snacks. You shouldn’t deprive yourself from foods you want to eat. It’s important that you eat everything in moderation. Between this and moving your body in an aerobic manner, you should start to seem some results in a week or 2. If you want to know what you can do to get that body moving, dance, or walk the mall. Also you can read my last article I posted. It has a routine to follow. I made a simple workout that is easy and fun. We seem to think that as we get older or have children the weight we put is ours and get comfortable with it. When that it not the case at all. It’s always hard to exercise, especially if you are not in the field. But the weight that you have will come off if you are consistent. It helps to have someone that will be there to motivate you. If you need motivation or help to get started, let me know I am here to get you on the right track. Love Barbara Jeanne xo