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Men, Not so Hard to Figure Out, Here Are Some Easy Tips

Men are so easy to figure out. Yet we woman have such a hard time, or we think. We try to figure out if your man likes you, maybe even loves you. Why is he pulling away? We used to have lots of sex, now hardly ever. In the beginning of a relationship, the man will show you that he likes you by calling you all the time. He wants to see you, can't seem to get enough of you. He even dressing all spiffy for you, opening up the door, showing you his great manners. Well you get the picture and we have all been through this. Here it is simple; if a man likes you he will let you know. If he continues to come around, you will continue to know. If he stops calling, you know that is not a good sign, but it doesn't happen overnight there are signs. We woman tend to put these signs on the back burner. The man will usually know if he likes you or if he is interested with in the first few minutes of seeing you, or making contact with you. If the man is ready for a relationship, then it will move forward. You do your part, as I have said before. Act like a lady, dress your best to impress, and have fun. Men love woman that look good but men love woman they can they have fun with and be their selves. So what can change when things are going good? Either the man loses interest but that may be his personality. Or he is not the commitment type. It could also mean that has he gotten to know you there might have been things that you may have said or done that turned him off. Either way to make it to the long haul of a relationship you two need to mesh well, and like the person you are with. As you are getting to know him, you will either realize this, or he will tell you. If he does want a commitment, do not think you are the one that is going to change his mind. If he does have a change of heart, let him be the one that comes to you. Stop running after men, all it makes them do is run away and fast. Men like to hunt, have the challenge, conquer, and so let them do so. You are not going to make them like you more by calling them all the time and acting in a panic when you don't hear from him, or he doesn't want to see you. You don't want to be in a one sided relationship. You also don't want to be in a relationship, that you are wondering where you stand, or you are crying over him all the time. You can only be yourself, and if he likes what he sees in the long run, it could turn into a long term relationship. Do not put your entire energy into a man that is not willing to give back. Men say the number one turn off is that woman nags and bitch. I hear woman all the time doing this in a relationship. Stop talking down to your man you are not their mother. You wouldn't like it. You probably are saying you wouldn't have to do it if they would act right, or maybe do things my way. That is another way to make the man go away and fast. This also goes for the men seeking woman. I don’t want to say just women talk down to men because I have seen men doing the same. Honestly it shouldn’t be done period. There are still the men that want a relationship, but they are the good ones that woman seem not to want, maybe because they aren't the best looking, or whatever it may be that makes woman not like a certain type of man. Either way if love is right, it is right from the start. Love will be effortless and fun. If that is not what you have, then keep looking. Don't think you have to settle. Give that person a chance you may not have before. That may be the one that treasure you, adores you and treats you like gold. Can it feel any better or more right than that?  Barbara Jeanne xo

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