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How to Get a Man, But More Importantly, How to Keep Him!

          If a man wants a woman, boy is the game on. I had people stalk me, send me presents through the mail, sending presents to my house and actually had someone walk right up to my door. Then there were the ones that just came out and would tell me straight forward. I had people tell me I light up the room when I walked in. Every relationship that I have had I have put 100% into it, I guess I was young when I got married all I really knew was to mimicked what I saw my mom do. I cooked, cleaned, did the laundry, gave my man loving, massages, head before bed and the list goes on. And I always was dressed to impress. I was always into fitness, so wearing the tiny clothes came natural to me and keeping my body in top shape I accepted no other way. But for most I think my mom was a big role model in my life. I remembered one time she went to pick up my dad from the airport. She wore white hot pants, white knee high boot with heels and her hair was rocking to her shoulders, teased up with a clip. I thought to myself, wow she looks so hot and my dad looked so excited to see her. He told her how nice she looked, and I know she dressed up just for him. This is where I started to realize what a man needed, and wanted. She was a strong woman but she had dinner on the table, clothes ready for him to wear and she made him laugh. My mom was so funny and I can remember that my mom and dad did laugh a lot together. I found to be so very important. You need to sport a good, happy personality. Everyone thinks men like the bitches. Some girls think that the bitches get everything, that my friend is not true at all. I show an overabundance of love and that is what I always got in return. I don’t believe in cursing and I do believe in acting like a lady, and that is how I was always treated. When I left for college my mother and my father went out on their own to buy my goodbye card. To my surprise out of all the cards out there, they bought me the same card. That’s when I felt that my parents where soul mates. Although things can change with the wrong environment, I found this out when I came home for thanksgiving and my sister who did not like my dad had a lifetime of marriage at each other’s neck. As time went by I realized that she was trying to split them up and sorry to say by the time I was in my second year of college, shortly after I got married my father was gone. So he was not there to see his first grandchild. He wouldn’t be there to see any of us again. It’s hard when one parent makes you pick. So I was young, confused I choose my mom, never to see my dad again. My dad begged her to let him stay but with my sister behind saying to get rid of him, I guess she choose as well and it was my sister. So although I tried to find him down the road, it wasn’t like today and by the time I did find him he didn’t remember who I was. And a few years after my sister told me that he had passed and she had to go. So there I was standing crying all alone.  It makes you think does this affect how you treat men? Does it affect who you are as a person, or how you have a relationship? How you allow guys to treat you? I think that it absolutely can. And I do believe I was so young when I got married and had a child that I didn’t know exactly how to act so I acted what I was taught, what I saw and that was everything I knew to be a good wife. But many men thought of me as a QP doll. I wasn’t one to fight, I was one to argue. I would say how I would feel and it is the man’s job to decide if it is important enough to do something to change to make me happy. But I have to say I by no means allowed anyone to walk all over me. When I had a point to make I did it smooth and easy. So when I would leave, so when the end of the relationship came I was so over it. Each guy told me they could never find anyone like me. And I guess that is right because every man is still asking me out, still waiting in the wings to see if it might happen. That no one would be around and I would get lonely and go back. But so far I don’t go back, only forward. I believe that how you grow up is somewhat who you become as an adult. Who you are as an adult in so many ways is what you learned and saw as a child. You always go back to your roots as you grow into an adult. But it’s also friends that you hang with throughout school, especially high school and college.  What is important as well is the romantic relationships that you chose starting as you go into your young adult years. The relationship you have in high school. Sometimes you can get confused but if you go with treating you mate with the love that they want, an unselfish love, and you need to ask what it is you need in return if your partner is not getting it. But if you are not getting it you need to see if the get it. If you have to teach them that much, somewhere down the line the two of you two will run into a problem. So read on to find out how to exactly get your man, keep you man and it’s not all about sex at all. Find the secret’s in my book. Barbara Jeanne xo

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