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Are You Living or Just Existing?

         I once watched this movie The Never Ending Story, although it is a children’s movie, it left me with quite an impact. Years later still on my mind, I felt the need to pass the moral of this story on.

         In the movie the young boy was searching the land high and low in hopes of finding the big nothing to save the princess. Failing with nothing left to do, he went to the beautiful princess and said “I cannot save you; I do not know where to find the “Big Nothing”. She spoke in the most gentle voice and said “my dear child what you are looking for is inside of you. It is inside of each and every one of us. People lose themselves by not following their hopes and dreams, until one day they feel a darkness that overcomes them. Leaving each person with the feeling of emptiness, lifeless, and that my dear friend is the big nothing”.

         As children we dream of what we want to be when we grow up. Movie stars, rock star, even the president. So at what point do let go of our dreams and desires and just settle? And if people are having such a ball in life, why are so many people depressed? So this makes me wonder, and ask this question are we living or just existing.

        Growing up we are so carefree, having the time of our lives. Hanging out with our friends, our first loves. But somewhere down the line reality sets in and here were are all grown up with obligations, major decisions and with that comes pressure. Soon we realize life isn’t as fun.

         You might be blessed to have a salary making six figures, but that usually comes with greater bills or the salary where you are struggling with that job that is barely getting you by. Either way, you are chained to that job that you may or may not like. And each month those bills come rolling in like clockwork. And if we splurge to go on a trip or an outing are we playing catch up financially. That brings us back to our jobs.  

         So is life a big cycle? And if so how do we get off and start to enjoy and live again? First off let’s start simple. Do something you did as a child that you loved. And it probably doesn’t cost much because let’s face it most people didn’t roll with a lot of cash back then. Next, dream! We dream at night, why not carry our dreams at least the good ones into the day. Start dreaming with your eyes opened and maybe just maybe, you can turn some of your dreams into reality and start to live again, and not just exist.  Love, Barbara Jeanne xo


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WAW, that's was my kids and my favorite movie. I never taught off it in that way and I am guilty off loosing my hopes and dreams and living in darkness. I am just existing! Thanks hun. Much love to you.

February 1, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterDeborah

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