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Finding Love & Holding Onto It (A Relationship Coach May Be the Cure)

      Every day I get mail stating that they are not able to find love. And when they do find love it seems very short lived. Something is going wrong, but what could it be? Is it the fact that men have treated women horribly for the last few decades and now they are giving guys a taste of their own medicine? Or could it be that both women and men are both selfish and it is very hard to give them for a period of time? I believe it is leaving both genders a bit confused. So is it possible to get on the same page to get to the always and forever? I am not sure if we messed ourselves up so badly that a healthy relationship is no longer a possibility. Well that I do not believe. I do believe many people need a relationship coach to be frank and honest with them to get you on the right track to finding true love. I see many relationships that shouldn’t be. There is no connection and frankly I see no want for at least one or both to even be together. So why stay? Because of comfort or maybe you don’t want to risk of the unknown? You would have to now go out and start the process of looking for love all over. So there we sit unhappy. My goal is to teach people how to find love, how to know when it’s wrong and when to let it go. To also know when indeed it is right. And most importantly if there is something you may be doing wrong or something you can do to boost it along in the right direction. I will be you relationship guide. And if you may need this help, please get a hold of me and look for my book. It will make you understand just about everything about love. Barbara Jeanne xo


Meeting On Line Is The Easiest Way (Why You should Wait to Have Sex) To Make It To A Successful Relationship

      All these different sites give people easy access to meeting. Two people that were strangers that never met before somehow seem to become friends. These two people become very close, flirting up a storm, swapping pictures. The funny thing is that women tend to send sexy pictures of themselves more so than men. Go figure. The next thing they find themselves on their very first date. Sometimes I am hearing they don’t even make a date, just a hook up. Come on…can you say “that is yucky”! Feeling as they know each other so well they find themselves in bed. This is the biggest mistake you can make. Yes there has been incidents were it works out for two people. But the joke stays for the woman “I got you in bed the very first night”. That really is not such a funny joke if you think about it. But many and for the most part it doesn’t work out. Why? Because you truly didn’t know each other to give such a precious gift, or have sex. This should be done when two people care for one another. Not waiting for one reason or another leaves especially the woman a little sad and invaded once she knows that he may not call, or their friendship is slowly coming to an end. You might hear from again when they have nothing to do. Maybe you will get a booty call. But know both women and men are both doing this. And the worse part they don’t give a crap…wait…unless they did like the guy. Then the woman is miserable. We need to slow it down and learn to remember to act like ladies and gentlemen. The flirting and the meeting is the fun part. When you do meet and connect that is the second step to realize that you two might have something together. To be able to touch and hold hands and grown into fondling is such a rush. To put these borders up for men they actually like it. For those that say we are all grown up, well that is all great and dandy but that doesn’t mean you have to take it fast. For when you take it slow and grow closer and to make the man anticipate having you, it’s a rush. It actually drives a man crazy to know that he will finally have you soon. So take it slow and let it grow, only when you two are in committed relationship ladies do you open those legs, or men pull down your pants. And it will be worth the wait because you two will feel the closeness and it will mean something. Like making love…or close to it. It does sound better than having sex, fucking or banging. By waiting what you may have is the start of a relationship. Barbara Jeanne xo


Behavior Keeps Your Man or Woman Staying & Keeping the Relationship Alive! (Article 2)

      Today men and women are having a tough time connecting. We all seem to think we are doing fine when we are hiding behind the computer talking up a storm. We might be thinking, I might have found the love of my life, but many times once the meeting does come, if it ever does the relationship seems to fizzle and quickly. Next we have the situation of meeting the person the old fashion way face to face. We might see what we like, and what we want but when it comes to actually liking them when we get to know, the relationship fades fast as it began. Last but not least we have the relationship that makes it to the point that you can call yourself a couple. But that soon seems to have troubles for many. Many I said, not for all. But enough to keep my business booming and to keep my email filled with people hoping to make their relationship to work with this person they gave their heart to. I’m not saying that I don’t love to help those that are looking or in need, because I truly do. But my question is why there is an overabundance of troubled couples that are in relationships. As well as an overabundance of people looking to be in love and not founding it or so they think. Not just not finding it but can’t seem to find a single person that is quite right. And lastly, the people that don’t know what the heck is going on in their relationship, because they don’t know or their partner doesn’t know what they want. But they feel in their gut something is just not right. The bottom line until we learn how to have a relationship and a healthy one we will continue to have broken hearts, unhappy couples and many single people wondering around in every direction for love. So what can be going wrong? Could it be the way we handle ourselves in a relationship. Some too clingy, too needy, others act as they don’t give a crap if this relationship works out or not. Many people go into a relationship just so they aren’t single but know they don’t love this person, at least not the way they should love a person in a healthy relationship. If we do find someone that we may say “yeah I might be able to achieve a good relationship with this one…this might just be the one, somehow we can’t seem to pull it off. We stay when there are red flags all over. We stay when we know we should walk out but it gets to be too late and now emotions and feelings come into play. Or we just don’t really give a damn so we treat the person like crap. But why are people starting out gong hoe but lose interest so quickly because you first off need to keep the want there by both parties and you have to see if you two mesh well as a couple. Are you two compatible? If you aren’t then somewhere down the line you are going to start annoying one another and this is the beginning to the end. You shouldn’t lose who you are, have to change for the person to accept you and you definitely should not bow down and lose your identity to speak and be you. By all means you have to be yourself but we aren’t learning to be good partners many times and this is the problem. To know how to fulfill your partners needs and wants emotionally, physically and mentally. Some of us act a fool, not knowing how to keep your man or woman and then boo hoo when they are gone and you are alone. You have to be the woman, the woman that knows how to conduct herself to keep that man. And if you didn’t learn at home then in my series I will be teaching you. You need to be a lady, but that can have kick ass fun and tend to her house and her man. Now a man needs to be a gentleman. A gentleman that can make his woman smile before he even touches he body. Remember the way to a woman’s heart is to simulate her mind with romance, truth and love. But make sure you are there for the long haul and not be a phony by saying these words to get some ass. If you do this you are just an asshole. And woman don’t play the I would do anything for you until you got your man hooked and then you do a 180 and leave him saying this isn’t the girl I met. In the next article I will be teaching both the guys and the girls how your behavior plays a big part on making it to the long haul. Barbara Jeanne xo


Finding Your Way To the Right Person! (Article One)

               My biggest goal is to get as many people possible to learn what a healthy, good relationship is and how to achieve this. We seem to have lost how to behave, act and treat another when in a relationship. This in turn is ending what once was a good relationship. I will teach you how to turn a relationship that may be heading for the end to a new beginning. It’s all in our attitude and how we treat your partner. You meet a person and you feel a connection and things seem to be going well but all of a sudden the happy relationship that was heading in the right direction takes a turn for the worse. This leaves one of the two of you confused. I am not going to pick a gender because both men and women are getting hurt, but what I see and hear it seems like women are getting their hearts broken a little bit more so than men. So let’s try and figure out what may be going wrong. Two people meet and when things get to a point of a certain closeness this is the time people seem to make a turn around and might disappear. What happens? Sometimes you start hearing less from them, you feel the coldness and you know in your heart something is wrong. You start to get a bit frantic because you may have just given yourself to this person and now things are not turning into what you once started to have big dreams for. Here is some wise advice do not give yourself until you are in a monogamous committed relationship. One, this will keep the challenge going, two, it gives both of you the opportunity to really see if you two may truly like one another. You can also see if it’s more than giving your body to someone, and three, you will see if this person is someone that you can see yourself in a relationship. There are many factors in building a relationship. A big one is this person you have begun to see are they looking for a relationship. Are there incidents that come up that strike you funny but you put them on the back burner. This is your intuition and you should never ignore. Now that I hit the beginning of what might be. I will continue article by article. But I will end this by saying. Don’t start or get into a relationship if you are not ready or just to get laid. If you are in it to get laid being honest, it’s better than hurting someone’s feelings and having to deal with dodging this person. As well as dealing with the text that you really don’t care to send or care about the person you are sending it to. So keep this in mind. If you meet someone that you think you may dig and then realize this is a no go be honest. This is the first step to having more success in finding the right person instead of wasting your time or another’s. Enjoy life as a single until the day comes when you find the right guy or gal. Barbara Jeanne xo


How to Keep the Want for the Couples In Relationships or Married to Make It to the Long Haul (Series 4)

                     The series continues and this article is to help keep the want in your relationship. Many times we become bored, lazy and take the other for granted. This can be the beginning to the end if you don’t care much about your relationship or partner. What I am going to do in this article is teach you how to keep the want. A lot of couples decide after they get bored that their relationship is over and starts to think the grass is greener on the other side and everyone that they see or talk to seems more interesting than their partner. But it’s not. Our mind plays games that anyone telling you a story seems so interesting. To keep the want there are a few things that need to be done. You need to show your partner they are a priority. You need to keep laughter in your relationship, good conversation and this is daily. If you don’t talk for days too long goes by and it’s almost like where do I begin? So it is important to want to know and listen with both ears, especially when it is something important to your partner. We need to keep the romance in your relationship alive. It doesn’t mean that you have to f*** every day. It is good to make a point to touch, rub, feel each another’s hands, arms, feet, legs any part of the body is contact. Touch is so very important. To kiss your sweethearts ears from behind is a turn on doing it so soft and gentle. Take turn massaging one another’s back. You probably are saying we do this. You need to do all these things on a regular basis. Make it a practice; if you continue to do you make it a habit. If it becomes a habit this might just save your marriage or relationship. Don’t take you partner for granted. As a saying goes if you don’t water a plant the plant dies. The same goes for a person if you don’t show them enough love, the love will dies. Ladies make sure you cook a warm meal for your man. I know you might not like to cook, well learn because men like it. Men you are not off the hook, either take your baby out to dinner and if you can’t afford you too must learn to cook. Even if it is a simple meal, make it. If you don’t feel like cooking keep it easy with a backup,. Next we need to stop complaining about your partner. We complain to friends, family basically anyone that listens and we need stop! This is negativity that you continue to listen to and it is not healthy for your relationship. Men are very visual they like to see their women in comfy clothes and no makeup. But they do like to see their woman dressed. If you’re going out to dinner instead of going in your jeans, t shirt and uggs, try a skirt, dress, heels, boots anything that you think might make your man take a double take. Flirt with you man and get him excited. If you can finish up with some sex later at home that is a bigger plus. There is one thing that is so important in every relationship and that is fun. You want to have a best friend one that you feel so comfortable with that you can be your complete self. Lift your partner, make them feel that they can conquer the world and more important with your support hopefully they can. All these ideas are both for married and couples in relationships. You want to be soft, sweet and loving each and every day. You might have those days that you are cranky and those are the days where you need to show your honey compassion. It’s important to show your partner that you have their back at all times. As for the sex, sometimes it’s BAMM, sometimes it’s sweet, but you got to turn your baby on. To go down and know what you are doing down town and if you don’t know ask but make sure you please them and make sure they cum. If you can’t do it by intercourse make sure you do it orally. If you don’t like giving head like I said before learn to like it because both men and women like it, okay love it. For some reason if your partner doesn’t like getting head respect this. This brings the connection and the want to see and be with one another. The bottom line you want to keep you partner happy. As I close I want you to look in the mirror and answer to yourself if you truly like what you see? Would you want to be with you? Be honest if you think you need a little work then get on it so you can keep your sweetheart for that always and forever. Barbara Jeanne xo