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The Want Is What Makes A Relationship Last For the Long Haul (It what makes the person want you, let me teach you how to have the person you desire to want you)

                     The most important thing in a relationship is the want. The want to see this person is so very important. Their very presence brings you so much happiness.  It makes you want more from them. As well as the want to talk to this person, hold the person and the list goes on and on. To share spending your time with this person that brings joy to your life. The highs and the lows will always be there, but to have the want to share it all with this wonderful person. So with that being said how do you create this to stay? You have to have this in your heart to bring this to the person because you care so much for them. It’s a natural thing for your happiness to come out to a person that you want so dearly in your life. You need to want to bring joy to this person. Put aside the bitchy, nagging, wining person. No matter if you are a man or a woman you have to treat this person as your best friend and lover. Treat them as you could never or would ever want to live without them. If you can do this every day you will have a relationship that will have the want to make it to the always and forever. You will learn this in my book along with so many other tips. I can say if you listen to me I can guarantee you will find what you are looking for and make your relationship a one in a lifetime. And lastly remember its quality not quantity of time that you spend with the person you want to spend your time with. Barbara Jeanne xo

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I would think a lot of your success in your relationship comes from how you look and how you dress. You also seem to be a generally happy person making for one sexy mamma. Your boyfriend is lucky...

July 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDanny

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