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The journal that this archive was targeting has been deleted. Please update your configuration.
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Saving Your Relationship (They Are So Hard To Find ..Don't Throw Yours Away)

              What can we do starting today to make our relationship better? We can do something that you know your partner would like. They might wonder why, but if you start to do little things daily that make them happy, there is a great big chance they will do things that make you happy in return. So what you will eventually get is a better, healthier relationship. Some relationships are in dire need of some TLC, and by getting and giving the things that are lacking in your relationship you just might be saving your relationship. And this is my whole purpose in everything I do, to get people back on the same page. Somewhere we have forgotten how to behave or act in a relationship and we are not doing the things that are necessary to keep it happy and healthy. So I am here to reteach people, remind people and hope that I can help someone to find love, a couple to rekindle their love, a family on the edge of divorce to find the memories and the way to stay together to save their family. Well, you might save you ailing relationship, make it a bit happier, healthier and have a greater bond. This will bring the two of you closer and by doing this you two might get a little bit more loving, a little more sex and become a whole lot happier. Let’s face it, reliving our tension, if you know what I mean, helps to calm our nerves and for many it puts a big smile on our face. Barbara Jeanne xo

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