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You Get What You Give? And Sometimes That Brings The Best!

           We need to realize what we put into a relationship is exactly what we get back. You study for a test really hard and you have a better chance of getting a better grade. The same goes for a relationship. You put time and effort and you hopefully get back what you put into it. Now like in the test situation. Some people study hard and just don’t get the grade they should of. It comes easier to some than others. And it sucks but it is just how it works. Some people just have that good luck. But it is also who you chose, this has a big part in how your relationship goes. You chose a guy that knows he’s good looking then it comes with the things you think it might. This guy and the relationship might come with conceit, deceit and making you a bit insecure. Now a girl might be hot but this girl is also high maintenance. So what this guy might get is a hot girl that wants needs and is never satisfied. I’m not saying in every case. The point I am trying to make is sometimes you see exactly what you are getting, sometimes you know exactly what you want but sometimes it’s the worse choose you could of made. So don’t always go by the cover. Maybe someone might treat you so kindly that you say okay they aren’t what I might always chose but you might not be what they always chose. No one is perfect and I have found some of the best relationships are the ones that slide in there when you are not even expecting it. So stop thinking, stop looking and start talking. One day you might just be talking to your next partner. Yes, it can be that simple when you just keep you mind and heart open to a kind, loving person. A great happy personality is always a plus. Barbara Jeanne xo

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