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Finding Love In All the Right Places (What's Right What's Wrong)

             We are a world of meeting online. Although so many polls and all the research say that a small percentage makes it. Why? Because I don’t think meeting online is the same as meeting in person. Anyone can be who they want, or more so they can me who you want. So you want a rich guy they can be that. A guy who wants a girl that is in shape and into fitness that is what you will get from the girl that you want. You will get an old picture of them and them telling you that they are on the way to the gym. I been doing research on this situation since the beginning of 2010 and I find so many people are not quite who they say.      

               So how do you know if they truly are interested in meeting?  And more importantly how can you see if they are interested in a relationship? Try to meet the person as soon as possible. If they are putting it off chances are something is up. Either they are just trolling the net. This means that they just see who they can talk to that evening and at times they have only one person which is you. By allowing them to talk over the internet is allowing them to get exactly what they want. What is that? Having an evening of great conversation because they might actually like you but they might have no intentions in meeting you. Because they are not who they say they are. So before you invest too much time into this online relationship, ask to meet. If they continue to make excuses it is time to move on and not waste your precious time.

                What is going on for many is that it is becoming an ordinary recreation to get online for the night. I even ask some of my friends what they are doing and they are too embarrassed to tell me they are scoping they net or are spending the night with someone they haven’t yet met. The thing is the online talking becomes an every night occurrence. You think you are getting to know this person but they may be talking too many. When you can get a hold of them it may not be your night of talking so they say they are doing something but I hear people say “he’s on line, he told me he was with his mom”, or whatever it may be for that night. So they get busted but they don’t care because either you forgive them every time. In some sense you really feel as if you are having a relationship with them. But you are not.

                  So what happens next? They visualize what is would be to have sex with you. This usually ends with a night of sexting or if you are now talking on the phone you are talking dirty and you both may climax together. So there you have it. A complete online relationship where you haven’t met but you are already are having phone sex, cam sex, Skype sex, or pic sex and then ending with sex text which is called sexting. Either way you are you have gone too far for not knowing or meeting this person. They can be a pornographer, a robber, a sex addict. More importantly than can be whatever it is you are looking for.

                    The best way to prevent an online meeting to go nowhere is to meet them in person shortly after you start talking to them. This way you can actually see if they are who they say and if you really do like them and that either of you are wasting your precious time. And if the person isn’t a 10, don’t throw away someone that has other qualities that you like. Especially that prior to meeting you liked everything about them. Yes you have to have chemistry but you might just fall in love with their personality. The way the treat you and how special they might make you feel. So don’t be so easy to disregard. We all have our flaws. If a person does not have their life together what so ever it is not fair to make someone think you do. Try keeping as honest as you can be. I don’t think they need to know everything about you in the beginning but there is no reason you need to be dragging another person into your mess. Get yourself together before you start to date or go on dating sites. You might find another person that you would like to know, but you’re still married. Even if you are getting divorce you should take time to heal. Then move forward ready to find love.

                 Okay let’s recap. First be honest. The person you are in pursuit with should get to know the real you. You can’t make a real relationship out of lies. Second see the person shortly after you meet. If you two live far away from one another then plan when a meeting can possibly be if the time keeps passing let it go. Why? You are already wasting time on someone that obviously has something to hide or isn’t ready to be in a relationship. Whatever their problem is that is not allowing you to meet the bottom line is you two are not meeting. Let it go. If they care they will come back when they are ready. Third is many people online are speaking to several people so you got to realize this and either accept it or find someone that is one on one. Some people enjoy just hanging online. They get their drink take a seat and get online. When they are tired and ready for bed they call it a night and get off.

                   The thing is as I researched that many people end their conversation with climaxing sexually which is fine we are all adults. But this is taking away from physical contact which is so important. Many people especially guys are actually fine with this because they have stimulating conversation, cum without spending a dime. I can understand that men cannot afford taking out a women once or twice a week. That would be a car payment and a car insurance payment. Ladies you wouldn’t want that so don’t feel that men can do this all the time. And I know what you ladies are thinking “then you need to find a man that can”. Which is fine, but wouldn’t it be so much nicer to find a person who you truly love that loves you back.

                    In closing online is great to pass the time away when you are bored but I think the best way to meet a person is in person. So take a night every couple weeks or once a month where you actually go out. Try to find a place that is suited to your liking. Such as if you like country music find a country bar. If you like to read maybe go to a library and take a seat and scope it out. You can meet a person anywhere if you leave your eyes and your heart open. Barbara Jeanne xo

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