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You Lost That Loving Feeling; Can You Get It Back? (know how hard it is to find another) If You Do Want to Give it a Try to Move On Here's SomeTips...

When the love goes and you want to as well but you are so scare of what the future well bring. So you stay frozen and in an unhappy relationship. To be honest now a days it is a big risk to leave because the honest truth it is extremely hard to find love. I am in no way telling you to stay when you are miserable, in an abusive union or you just down right know you don’t want to be there. If you are in any of these situations it is time to call it a wrap and let it go. But if you are thinking the grass is greener on the other side think again. It’s not and it’s actually a whole bunch of nothing. Learning the statistics it is not the ideal planning to leave your stable situation even if it is a bit wobbly and think you will have fun in the dating pool because this becomes old and quickly. The ration as I have said in another article is 70% not in a relationship and 30% in a relationship. My friend this is not so good. The worst part is that although many people keep saying they want that relationship they are getting so use to jumping from one person to the next. They stay on line like an addiction; these are the people that are single for a reason. And the people that are looking for a real deal relationship are usually ending with a broken heart. The only solution that I can see is if people start meeting in person and not on line. The people that are serious will take the time to come. You see the person so there is no game of what they might look like. This major obstacle is now gone. Next they get to see if there is chemistry which is important. There is no talking back and forth for days, weeks or months before the meeting. To end up meeting and say “oh this sucks, they look like nothing I thought”. Finally when you meet in person you can see right there if you want to take it to the next level. So to balance out the old with new the meet and greets you see on different sites is one of the ways to go. As well if you do meet someone on line. Meet shortly after. So many people are having on line relationships and when they do finally meet so many never talk to them after the initial meeting. For several reasons but the main reason they were not truthful about something they are withholding. And the main one is they are not quite be who they say they are. If one does like the other but the other isn’t digging them it’s hurtful when they stop taking your text and calls and everything basically comes to a standstill. That person that thought everything was going in the right direction for having a meaningful direction comes to an end when you have the first meeting. Say for some reason it passes the first few dates and the intimate encounter but as time goes by one or the other is not feeling it and then bail. You are now back to square one. This could happen in any relationship that starts but more so with on line unions because they may not live nearby or in the same circle so they can disappear and never be seen again. Point being before you jump out looking to jump into another relationship please know how hard it is to meet, connect and fall in love. If you can find it in your heart and there is any chance to revive the love in your relationship try! I am not saying that it can’t happen if you leave but know its work. Even if you are someone that people gravitate to you for one reason or another it still is a process. So see what you have in your own yard before you wander into another. And lastly do some soul searching. You have got to love yourself and be content with you. You should not need another to entertain you. Go to a show if you are looking for this. When looking for love you should be looking for someone that lifts you and brings you to a happier level. You may lose this in your relationship but there are so many ways to get the feeling back. It is a process as will but you can achieve to bring back the love you once had with this person. It was there for them once and it may be there just hidden deep in your heart. Open your heart and you may find love with the one that’s in your yard and if not let’s learn how to achieve how to find love before you’re old shriveled up and using a walker. Barbara Jeanne xo

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