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Are you Chasing Someone that Wants to be Caught... By You?

In psychology I was taught that when we run after someone that the person we are chasing usually out of instincts runs the other way. This is something we are taught in the playground at a very young age and we carry this pattern throughout our lives. The only time this equation of chase and catch, which will call say…tag works, is when you want to be caught. You might be wondering what I mean so let me explain. Why is it when a person that may like another they will continue with high efforts to achieve getting this person to they like? Even if this person they are putting all their effort into getting shows them no interest. If someone you like doesn’t show any care back why you would continue to hope they might change their mind and like you. If this person you are trying so hard to get is not calling you, not seeing you and showing no signs of any interest in connecting with you what makes them so desirable to want them? Is it because it’s a challenge, or you don’t think you can live without them. But I am here to tell you to stop chasing, the more you do the more they will run. And that you will get over this person and although you may not see it now, it’s probably for the best. Why would you want someone you basically have to beg to want you, to see you, to be with you? And you still don’t have them, right? You shouldn’t and that broken heart that you can feel coming on, you may already had your days or nights of crying over this person…Stop! This person knows that you like them and if they are not approaching you then let them be. I’m sure everyone is saying you can do better and they are right. Anyone would be better because this person is making you feel crappy about yourself, not building you up and showing no care or concern. You got to ask yourself why you want this person so badly that is treating you pretty much as you don’t exist. Okay maybe when you corner them they say they wish they could be ready to commit but aren’t or the person that gets you is going to be so lucky. Well if they think these things they are saying why aren’t they choosing to be with you? And if this was the case wouldn’t they show you some signs of encouragement? I find that this is how it should go listen up. You meet a person, or it could be someone you may already know. Either way you like one another or you don’t. If you do you are from the get go eager to get to know one another. These are the relationships that have a better chance of taking off. The relationships that drags you through the mill and leaves you hurt and alone, you may say this is a relationship that is not getting off to the best start. If you are willing to wait it out with the chance that it may happen, thinking will I have nothing better to do. You are fooling yourself. Yes you have better things to do…like finding someone that might actually want to take you on a real date, show you they care and maybe fall in love with you. That is a healthy relationship. Remember chasing was started on the playground when we were about 5. We are no longer on the playground or 5, so if you aren’t digging someone let them know and let them go. For those do the chasing…Stop! Some people waste so much time trying to get another person to love them… to even like them. If it’s not happening let it go. Keep in mind that although it is hard to find love and I won’t say it’s not. But is it easy to find a lot of people going through this situation and it not only sucks, it’s sucking up your energy and time. It’s time to get you out! Yes suck it up, have your cry and move on! Barbara Jeanne xo

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