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Broken Hearted Me? How to Get Over It, Heal & Move On!

        Heartache is such a hard emotion to go through. The hurt and the pain that you feel is real and no matter what people may say nothing seems to help. Deep down our inner being most likely are wishes that you hear from the person that you are hurting over. Hoping to hear these words “I love you and let’s get back together. But many times this doesn’t come, especially at the time we need to hear it. Having nights of crying and days that we wish would pass by so the hurt would go away most likely doesn’t happen. Days go by and we talk to everyone and anyone that will listen to our problem. Any and every advice is welcomed although we don’t seem to listen to any of it. We crawl in bed at the end of the night with the same emptiness we felt during the day but for some reason night are always the worse. For some reason our emotions are stronger than ever and the pain seems too tough on those tear ducts. Many nights we spend with a box of tissues and asking ourselves “why not me”. We wake up with the thought that we made it through another night, hoping this day might be better but we soon come to realize that it is not. We feel the sadness rolling in and there is not much we can do to stop it. But there is help that I find got me through my heartache is first off know that time does heal everything. Second for all you girls going through a break up, watch all the six seasons of Sex n the City. This is a heart savior, you’ll laugh you might cry but it’s like the girls bible. It helps to remind you that these entire crazy things you go through are normal. All the character’s that you see on this show…Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, you will identify with at least one of these ladies. This and the fact that there is humor with a lot of sensible knowledge will get you through the hardest break up. Third being that you’re allow to have your cry and your down time but don’t sulk for too long. Why? You have many people to meet. And mourning too long is stopping you from what could be coming in the horizon. You need to get you energy up turn off the break up music and make a playlist of all your favorite power hour girl songs. Girls that rock you give you encouragement and that motivate you to get up and go. And last of all ladies know that you and your heart will be loved again; put that doubt in the back of your head. In fact ladies wipe it off your board completely and start new and go forward not with the baggage of the past but a new strong you that will find and conquer the love that we all so desperately want.  

        Men the same goes for you although I will say the worse person to talk to about your break up is your best friend unless they are married. Why because guys that are single want you to stay single. Not every guy but most. They want you to be able to hang with them not girlfriends so do keep that in mind. So their advice isn’t the best. Men as well can watch shows like the Family Guy. Watch the shows that make you laugh. That keeps you mind of your heartache, the break up. Men tend to hold on to pain longer. Once women are done crying and move on and fall for another they are pretty much good to go. Men hold on to the good girl they lost. Men you need to process the things you did right and wrong and then let it go. Remember you have it easier because society has it still that mostly you do the asking. So do some surfing on line or get outside and see the pretty little ladies out there waiting to be asked. Both girls and guys one thing is a don’t. Don’t date before you are ready and do not bring your past into you present. But do learn from your past. It is hard to find love so when you do hold on and treat it as you should with tender loving care. If you both can do this you have fewer chances to end up with another broken heart. Know it does happen over and over again. Let go of the past to move into the present and you will get it right. And when you do it will be worth it. Nothing is better than to be truly loved. Barbara Jeanne xo

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In my pursuit to make and keep my lady happy sexually I find myself somewhat failing because she's more of a spontaneous person and I'm more so a planner. Mainly because I like to have a romantic type setting. But it frustrates her. I love her to death and I refuse to have that problem in our relationship. Also, in my past relationships its always been done on somewhat of a mutual thing. I've really never had to be the aggressor but that's what she likes. And two, I don't like rejection. I don't want to get all in the mode and then it's a no go. How can I get over this and what should I do? @duaneg2

April 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDuaneG

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