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How to find & Keep Love (Helping Failing Relationships Spark Up!) The Tools & Knowledge Needed To Do So

    For over the last six years I started to write relationship articles for several magazines. Although I have been doing research since I was in college and my mother and grandmother were both in the relationship field I have learned much wisdom. I want to now really take the time to let woman know it’s not as easy as dolling up and putting on some red lipstick that will make a man adore you. As well as it takes more than a good looking guy to be a smooth talker to keep a woman. I am so excited for all the clients I have worked with that have been successful. I have brought many couple together as well as helped people get on the right path of searching. As well as if an individual may need a boost in any area I help to guide them on the right track. I am so happy to say my success rate is very high…so high that I really want to concentrate on the people out there that are looking for love and cannot find that special someone. I want people to find true love for people searing. I am not looking for anyone to fill these shoes but that special person that will walk in them besides you for the rest of your lives. This is challenging, but it is a challenge that I am willing to take. I want to teach people how to love, be in love and stay in love. We are programmed to think that our population is not capable of doing such. Our divorce rate is so high with a 70% single ratio to a small 30% being in a relationship. There are a couple ideas that people have stored in the back of their head. One is not to get married because you’ll end up divorced anyway. Two is that why get married when you can just love until you’re done and move on. I want to prove this wrong. That being in a monogamous one on one lasting relationship is so much more rewarding. The one thing I think is that everyone buys these magazine, listens to advice given but no one seems to practice what they read or hear. I am by no means saying all the advice I hear or read is right or good. But maybe because in your mind it’s always what if, instead from the get go you don’t think negative but positive with a definite yes that a relationship can and will survive with the proper knowledge and tools. I am here to give you these essential necessities that it takes to make it forever after. If you are in a stale or failing relationship and needs a boost because you are barely hanging on them let me lift you back on solid ground. I will have a series of “How to succeed to finding a relationship and keeping your relationship sailing smooth and happy”. For all those out there that feel that it is hopeless to find or keep be relieved that you can. It’s a state of mind, a belief and the want. These three components are important in keeping you love life, sex life, friendship with your partner to have it full circle. What you will get is a complete, fulfilled relationship. One that will better your life, make you a better person, a happier person and you will no longer feel as you are just existing in your relationship but know that you are with your soul mate. I am so excited to bring this to you that I hope you read the series of articles and in doing so you will find love or help you fading relationship. Barbara Jeanne xo

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