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How to Keep the Want for the Couples In Relationships or Married to Make It to the Long Haul (Series 4)

                     The series continues and this article is to help keep the want in your relationship. Many times we become bored, lazy and take the other for granted. This can be the beginning to the end if you don’t care much about your relationship or partner. What I am going to do in this article is teach you how to keep the want. A lot of couples decide after they get bored that their relationship is over and starts to think the grass is greener on the other side and everyone that they see or talk to seems more interesting than their partner. But it’s not. Our mind plays games that anyone telling you a story seems so interesting. To keep the want there are a few things that need to be done. You need to show your partner they are a priority. You need to keep laughter in your relationship, good conversation and this is daily. If you don’t talk for days too long goes by and it’s almost like where do I begin? So it is important to want to know and listen with both ears, especially when it is something important to your partner. We need to keep the romance in your relationship alive. It doesn’t mean that you have to f*** every day. It is good to make a point to touch, rub, feel each another’s hands, arms, feet, legs any part of the body is contact. Touch is so very important. To kiss your sweethearts ears from behind is a turn on doing it so soft and gentle. Take turn massaging one another’s back. You probably are saying we do this. You need to do all these things on a regular basis. Make it a practice; if you continue to do you make it a habit. If it becomes a habit this might just save your marriage or relationship. Don’t take you partner for granted. As a saying goes if you don’t water a plant the plant dies. The same goes for a person if you don’t show them enough love, the love will dies. Ladies make sure you cook a warm meal for your man. I know you might not like to cook, well learn because men like it. Men you are not off the hook, either take your baby out to dinner and if you can’t afford you too must learn to cook. Even if it is a simple meal, make it. If you don’t feel like cooking keep it easy with a backup,. Next we need to stop complaining about your partner. We complain to friends, family basically anyone that listens and we need stop! This is negativity that you continue to listen to and it is not healthy for your relationship. Men are very visual they like to see their women in comfy clothes and no makeup. But they do like to see their woman dressed. If you’re going out to dinner instead of going in your jeans, t shirt and uggs, try a skirt, dress, heels, boots anything that you think might make your man take a double take. Flirt with you man and get him excited. If you can finish up with some sex later at home that is a bigger plus. There is one thing that is so important in every relationship and that is fun. You want to have a best friend one that you feel so comfortable with that you can be your complete self. Lift your partner, make them feel that they can conquer the world and more important with your support hopefully they can. All these ideas are both for married and couples in relationships. You want to be soft, sweet and loving each and every day. You might have those days that you are cranky and those are the days where you need to show your honey compassion. It’s important to show your partner that you have their back at all times. As for the sex, sometimes it’s BAMM, sometimes it’s sweet, but you got to turn your baby on. To go down and know what you are doing down town and if you don’t know ask but make sure you please them and make sure they cum. If you can’t do it by intercourse make sure you do it orally. If you don’t like giving head like I said before learn to like it because both men and women like it, okay love it. For some reason if your partner doesn’t like getting head respect this. This brings the connection and the want to see and be with one another. The bottom line you want to keep you partner happy. As I close I want you to look in the mirror and answer to yourself if you truly like what you see? Would you want to be with you? Be honest if you think you need a little work then get on it so you can keep your sweetheart for that always and forever. Barbara Jeanne xo

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Reader Comments (2)

I want to ask you an important question(s), first, why do I hate myself and have no self esteem because girls never wanted to hook up with me? Why do I think of having sex a lot (33 yrs old)? Second, how come I thought I could have sex with 30 women or more in my lifetime (5 women)? Is it normal that I am starting to question my sexuality because girls never want to hook up? I also have more questions...

January 25, 2013 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous

How do I bring the romance back in our relationship? I really love my girl but sometimes the romance is not there. Either I'm working too much or have too many things on my mind. I am the romantic type so I don't understand. I love her but its the act of doing so that's has falling off. Please help... @duaneg2

May 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDuane

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