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Finding Your Way To the Right Person! (Article One)

               My biggest goal is to get as many people possible to learn what a healthy, good relationship is and how to achieve this. We seem to have lost how to behave, act and treat another when in a relationship. This in turn is ending what once was a good relationship. I will teach you how to turn a relationship that may be heading for the end to a new beginning. It’s all in our attitude and how we treat your partner. You meet a person and you feel a connection and things seem to be going well but all of a sudden the happy relationship that was heading in the right direction takes a turn for the worse. This leaves one of the two of you confused. I am not going to pick a gender because both men and women are getting hurt, but what I see and hear it seems like women are getting their hearts broken a little bit more so than men. So let’s try and figure out what may be going wrong. Two people meet and when things get to a point of a certain closeness this is the time people seem to make a turn around and might disappear. What happens? Sometimes you start hearing less from them, you feel the coldness and you know in your heart something is wrong. You start to get a bit frantic because you may have just given yourself to this person and now things are not turning into what you once started to have big dreams for. Here is some wise advice do not give yourself until you are in a monogamous committed relationship. One, this will keep the challenge going, two, it gives both of you the opportunity to really see if you two may truly like one another. You can also see if it’s more than giving your body to someone, and three, you will see if this person is someone that you can see yourself in a relationship. There are many factors in building a relationship. A big one is this person you have begun to see are they looking for a relationship. Are there incidents that come up that strike you funny but you put them on the back burner. This is your intuition and you should never ignore. Now that I hit the beginning of what might be. I will continue article by article. But I will end this by saying. Don’t start or get into a relationship if you are not ready or just to get laid. If you are in it to get laid being honest, it’s better than hurting someone’s feelings and having to deal with dodging this person. As well as dealing with the text that you really don’t care to send or care about the person you are sending it to. So keep this in mind. If you meet someone that you think you may dig and then realize this is a no go be honest. This is the first step to having more success in finding the right person instead of wasting your time or another’s. Enjoy life as a single until the day comes when you find the right guy or gal. Barbara Jeanne xo

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