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Meeting On Line Is The Easiest Way (Why You should Wait to Have Sex) To Make It To A Successful Relationship

      All these different sites give people easy access to meeting. Two people that were strangers that never met before somehow seem to become friends. These two people become very close, flirting up a storm, swapping pictures. The funny thing is that women tend to send sexy pictures of themselves more so than men. Go figure. The next thing they find themselves on their very first date. Sometimes I am hearing they don’t even make a date, just a hook up. Come on…can you say “that is yucky”! Feeling as they know each other so well they find themselves in bed. This is the biggest mistake you can make. Yes there has been incidents were it works out for two people. But the joke stays for the woman “I got you in bed the very first night”. That really is not such a funny joke if you think about it. But many and for the most part it doesn’t work out. Why? Because you truly didn’t know each other to give such a precious gift, or have sex. This should be done when two people care for one another. Not waiting for one reason or another leaves especially the woman a little sad and invaded once she knows that he may not call, or their friendship is slowly coming to an end. You might hear from again when they have nothing to do. Maybe you will get a booty call. But know both women and men are both doing this. And the worse part they don’t give a crap…wait…unless they did like the guy. Then the woman is miserable. We need to slow it down and learn to remember to act like ladies and gentlemen. The flirting and the meeting is the fun part. When you do meet and connect that is the second step to realize that you two might have something together. To be able to touch and hold hands and grown into fondling is such a rush. To put these borders up for men they actually like it. For those that say we are all grown up, well that is all great and dandy but that doesn’t mean you have to take it fast. For when you take it slow and grow closer and to make the man anticipate having you, it’s a rush. It actually drives a man crazy to know that he will finally have you soon. So take it slow and let it grow, only when you two are in committed relationship ladies do you open those legs, or men pull down your pants. And it will be worth the wait because you two will feel the closeness and it will mean something. Like making love…or close to it. It does sound better than having sex, fucking or banging. By waiting what you may have is the start of a relationship. Barbara Jeanne xo

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