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Finding Love & Holding Onto It (A Relationship Coach May Be the Cure)

      Every day I get mail stating that they are not able to find love. And when they do find love it seems very short lived. Something is going wrong, but what could it be? Is it the fact that men have treated women horribly for the last few decades and now they are giving guys a taste of their own medicine? Or could it be that both women and men are both selfish and it is very hard to give them for a period of time? I believe it is leaving both genders a bit confused. So is it possible to get on the same page to get to the always and forever? I am not sure if we messed ourselves up so badly that a healthy relationship is no longer a possibility. Well that I do not believe. I do believe many people need a relationship coach to be frank and honest with them to get you on the right track to finding true love. I see many relationships that shouldn’t be. There is no connection and frankly I see no want for at least one or both to even be together. So why stay? Because of comfort or maybe you don’t want to risk of the unknown? You would have to now go out and start the process of looking for love all over. So there we sit unhappy. My goal is to teach people how to find love, how to know when it’s wrong and when to let it go. To also know when indeed it is right. And most importantly if there is something you may be doing wrong or something you can do to boost it along in the right direction. I will be you relationship guide. And if you may need this help, please get a hold of me and look for my book. It will make you understand just about everything about love. Barbara Jeanne xo

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