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New Year, Healthier Relationships..Here's How & So Easy!

                   So here it is a little over a week into the New Year. Have we kept all those New Year’s resolutions that were made or have they been left behind with the year that has just past? And if you had a life coach someone to guide you to your destination would it make it easier to meet your goals? All the things that you said you were going to do? We had every intention to start working out or to quit smoking.

           What if we did something that would be easier. Let’s say maybe we could work on the relationships around you. The ones closer to home and more important would be who you would start with. By improving your relationships it would make you and the others have a healthier, happier time being together, and it would also improve your life in general. See when we are happy and secure in our relationships that trickles down to each avenues in our lives. For example you can concentrate and focus at work or in school because you have no worries with your relationship at home. This would go for both people I would say. You should want your partner to be happy with you as well.                                                                                                                                 

               So how do you do this? Show your partner more care, more interest, and absolutely more love. This is something that you don’t have to take extra time out of your day. You just need a fresh new positive attitude. Once you start to build up your relationship in a healthy direction you will notice that it will improve. Remember if you don’t give the proper attention to anything eventually it dies, so does love. So you want to make a conscious effort to make your partner a priority. I think that when 2 people meet the emotions are high and strong but as the relationship progresses the effort becomes very relaxed. By being consecutive with the TLC (tender loving care) you will bring back the closeness you may have lost a bit. And what is so fabulous about this, love doesn’t cost a thing. You have to talk to your partner; you have to interact with them each day. So you can act like you have been which may be with little care. Or in the same time period you can act excited to see them, spend time with them and most of all secure them that you love them. Take turns cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. I hate to say this but I hear a lot of girls saying I don’t do those things. Yes you do if you want a long term relationship. Your partner may be good about it as you two are enjoying life together. But at some point if you are to have children and you don’t do chores, well that may be a bit of a problem. And guys you aren’t off the hook, you can get consumed with you and your necessities and may be a bit selfish. Spread the love you spend with yourself on your partner and watch it do wonders.

          When you are in a relationship you cannot be that selfish that your partner never sees the top of the list. Yes you have other priorities but you have to learn to juggle. But doing so you will achieve a happier and healthier relationship with the person you say “I love you to”. This brings a feeling of security that you have harmony in your home, which makes the rest of your life flow a little more easily.

          Now that you have the main relationship intact let’s work on some others. One would be your immediate family, friends and lastly your coworkers. There is no need to hate this one or that one. This one or that one annoys you. Let it go. If you are talking about your friend, then it’s time to make a decision to keep or release. Remember you can be annoying as well so think of that when you are being catty yourself. Coworkers deal with it. You spend limited time with these people. Parents and siblings remember you never know when someone can be gone so treasure them. Happy New Year! Get to work on those relationships… Love Barbara Jeanne

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