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Eating In Moderation & Exercise Will ShedThat Unwanted Weight


                   Every day you need to be conscious to your intake of what you eat. One thing many of us do is over eat and then say “I will start eating better tomorrow”.  And that is a big mistake. Every piece of food adds calories. So if you eat a big piece of chocolate cake then say “oh boy I shouldn’t have eaten that”, but yet go for the second is the problem. Why? Because every piece of food you eat adds weight and calories to your body. That’s were mentally you start to know that you are going to gain with each bite. And keep in mind that every pound put on gets harder to lose. As it gets harder to lose and become more of a challenge, mentally you are already exhausted.

               So we want to keep it positive instead of feeling like losing is a burden.  If you haven’t been exercising for a bit and have gained weight, your metabolism is probably dormant. You need to kick start it to get it moving. I know some people say it’s horrible to count calories. But in my many years in the field I find this very effective. I start most of my clients at 1500 hundred to get your metabolism moving. Now a day everything you eat comes with the calories of each serving on the box. But for some reason it doesn’t you can google any piece of food for the calories.  

              I will post healthy foods to eat for each meal, as well as snacks. You shouldn’t deprive yourself from foods you want to eat. It’s important that you eat everything in moderation. Between this and moving your body in an aerobic manner, you should start to seem some results in a week or 2. If you want to know what you can do to get that body moving, dance, or walk the mall. Also you can read my last article I posted. It has a routine to follow. I made a simple workout that is easy and fun. We seem to think that as we get older or have children the weight we put is ours and get comfortable with it. When that it not the case at all. It’s always hard to exercise, especially if you are not in the field. But the weight that you have will come off if you are consistent. It helps to have someone that will be there to motivate you. If you need motivation or help to get started, let me know I am here to get you on the right track. Love Barbara Jeanne xo

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