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Simple & Easy Toning at Your Convenience

    Let’s get motivated to having fun losing weight. We think of losing and right away we think of how hard it’s going to be. It’s usually a struggle to stay eating properly and do a bit of exercise. I know that I worked out my whole life and when I had to change my career a bit and wasn’t able to do fitness full time. I sometime find it a bit of a challenge to have the want after a long day.

           Many of my clients tell me that it is almost impossible to manage to eat properly and find time or are just too tired, busy or can’t get motivated to exercise. So instead of giving up on it why not incorporated in your day. It would be best to do your workout all at one time. But if you find it easier you can tone a bit throughout the day. How? Well say you are standing talking to someone or cooking you can do lots of butt squeezes and no one will know a thing. Just don’t make any faces or grunting sound as you do them J Other times that you might be able to get some toning in is standing at the copy machine, cooking dinner, brushing your teeth. Those are just a few, extend your legs one at a time of course and lift. It’s that easy. If you are sitting in your chair at work or home watching television just extend the leg out in front of you and lift. You can also bring your knee into you tummy and extend.  Next extend your leg and point and flex. Right there you have worked out your butt, hamstrings, quads and calves. Wherever you are you can squeeze your tummy and release. This can be done walking, driving, and just about everywhere. Lastly we can’t forget the arms. This one is you can also do just about anywhere. Lift over your head and stretch them. Get a good stretch. Keeping them up in the air fold and extend, fold and extend. Next put your arms behind your back hold your hand and get a good stretch in. Keeping them extended and hold your hands together bend and extend. All exercises to 24 times, and when you have achieved this you can double up. This takes away any excuse to do whatever you can. It’s that simple. Love Barbara Jeanne xo P.S. watch your food intake and no more second helpings.               

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