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New Year; New You = Fit!

               How many start the year with “I am going to diet”. “I am going to work out”. “I am going to fit in this dress again”. And many guys want to trim down their waist. We all have issues with our bodies, it’s not vain it is truly the reality of how we think. We want to look good. We see all the magazines with beautiful people and we think we should look like them. First off they don’t even look like that. And when we do see them all glammed up they have be primped and pampered and given the clothes they wear to look that awesome. Their hair and makeup is done professionally. And if you see them in a magazine it is 100% photo shopped and many by the person’s personal photographer. So all you have to be is you. You have to be happy with yourself. You have to live with yourself so learn to love you. And if someone hasn’t told you lately “you are pretty awesome”.

                 So how can we achieve our goals when we have no energy to do this extra activity called working out? Eliminate one thing from your daily intake. For example if you eat a bowl of cereal before bed, stop. If you eat an oversized muffin for breakfast down size to a smaller one with fewer calories or cut it out period. Choose things that start your day with fewer calories such as oatmeal. If you can do this it will help to eliminate calories from your diet. In turn it will help you to lose a few pounds. But this is something to do daily for a period of time. Invest 3 months, 6 months or more. The longer you do the more weight you will lose. A big one is soda. This can add pounds.  Limit soda to 12 ounces if it is something you truly like. And most of all don’t go for seconds. You had your plate to eat. Seconds is not necessary. Your mind might say it is but your body doesn’t need it.

            Necessities are usually breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now if you take medication or have a low blood sugar or a medical problem then that is a different story and follow your physicians guide lines.  If you like to snack try to grab healthy ones such as celery, it doesn’t sound yummy but yet it does more than you think. It hydrates you, appetites your craving from the crunch and it actually has natural salt that you crave in snacks. And do not eat a few hours before bed. Allow your body to digest the calories.

            And lastly move, instead of the elevator take the stairs. Instead of driving to the mail box, walk. Put on music and dance. You get the idea. Children love games get a beach ball and throw it around with the children. The ball is so lightweight it does little harmJ. In a relationship have sex; it burns off more calories than you think. Find where your grove is at and move and you might fit in those old pants or that little black dress and that would be absolute success! Love Barbara Jeanne xo

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