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Working Out The Easy Way!

                      Many of us have issues with ourselves especially our bodies. We are not all so lucky to have been able to work out as a career like myself. It forces you to stay fit and that makes you healthier mind, heart and body. So if you are not forced to work out but do there has got to be a reason.  You are either addicted to this lifestyle of fitness and all it brings with it, compete professionally, or have a partner that is making you go with them. I’m just sayingJ. There are people who pay for a year membership and rather waste it then go. My point is that you either you like it or you just can’t get into it. Which by no means is a bad thing, it’s just that working out is not your thing.

              So how can you maintain somewhat of a firm body without banging weights? Well you can tone anywhere and almost at any time. I know I might sound like a broken record but it is so true. Squeeze those buns when you are standing anywhere. Yep, squeeze release, squeeze release. You have just worked out you gluts. Standing and not doing anything go up and down on your toes, next bounce. Sounds crazy? Well you just worked out your calves. Have to go to the bathroom at work, you all know we don’t sit on the toilet so hold you self-secured and and you have just worked out you hamstrings. If you get in bed taking a breather leave your body straight. Next plant those hands behind your neck for support and tuck your chin in and slightly lift and go down, you have just worked out your abs. Last thing for today will be inner and outer thighs. As you are brushing your teeth V your legs with knees in line with your feet go down and up, kind of like a playa. Do all 2 sets of 16 for each and you can build to do more as you go along.

             This isn’t a hardcore work out but do know that doing something is better than nothing and if you are consistent you will see results. I would say try to do at least 3 to 4 times a week. If you can do every day more power to you. I know how hard it is, so I will be checking up to remind you. And know that if you do this until the summer you will see a difference. So let’s get going! Barbara Jeanne xo

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