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On line Meeting Versus In Person; How to Make Progress Either Way (Series Part 3)

                      To continue in my series of articles to get people to connect either being single or married I truly believe there is a process that we are missing in finding or holding on to a good relationship. It seems as though it needs to be taught to many people that may have forgotten or never learned. In the pool of fishing we are not treating people with dignity. We want to talk dirty before you even meet. You know this is not normal. Even if you are grown adults you should not be talking to a lady saying you want to lick her, eat her to do anything else but take her on a nice date. And ladies come on treat yourself as you should be treated, like a lady. Sexting at any age can be fun if you have some sort of relationship going. This means that you have met the person at least…once. I know now a day’s people grow very close to people they meet on line. But as you watched that show Catfish on MTV or the documentary that came out in 2010. I took time and did my homework and spoke to someone from MTV and they confirmed the show was legit. They did take the cases that they thought were more outrageous, but they are real. I think everyone that goes on line thinking they will meet their soul mate should watch this show. I am not saying you can never meet someone one line. I am saying that the chances of meeting that always and forever person on line are a bit lower than if you meet in person. Only because you see right them right there what you are getting. If you like what you see you have the opportunity to talk to one another. And yes they can still tell the person a crock of bullshit but you will at least know if you have chemistry. If you like the person you can now take it to the next level and ask them out. On line you can waste your precious time talking to someone for days, months or longer and get romantic and you may be serious but the person on the other side may be married and as long as they can keep you going they do it. That’s why I say if you seriously like someone meet sooner than later. If you can’t because you live further away, you should plan a date and if the date comes and goes and you don’t meet, it should put up a red flag. If you are talking to someone that you care for you would be so excited to meet. So if there is always some reason why they just can’t meet, there just might be a reason. I am a strong believer that you should meet in person than on line. That is why I am going to start to offer meet and greets so that people can meet the old fashion way, in person. Where, if you like the person you meet you can steal a little kiss and from there the excitement starts. I absolutely agree that there should be monogamy until a commitment but in person you can flirt and it comes across how it is meant how it feels. On line you may say something and then sit there for the next day thinking “maybe I shouldn’t have said that”. Uncertain if you don’t hear from them and you never met them and you don’t see them it seems to leave you guessing a lot in your head. Guessing is such a horrible feeling that uncertainty, to be unsure. When you are able to ask the person can I see you to actually talk makes having a relationship a whole lot easier. Morals and manners going both ways are very important. No pouty mouth. You want to be treated with respect. If you show little respect for yourself then that is how you will be treated. If you do meet and then you seem the other stops calling or losses interest that means they did not dig what they saw. Do not continue to push, they will see you when they are horny and you will become a booty call. Hold yourself with dignity and class and do not press the fact of keeping up the relationship when you know clearly that they are not interested. If you date a person and things are going well but yet you see them on line all the time surfing the net, that is fine but if you were thinking more that you two had a connection and you two were moving forward with a relationship. Clearly they aren’t, so at this point you got to tell them straight up I am not interested in someone still searching for another. Don’t give them an ultimatum ever. You never want to beg anyone to be with you. They have to want to do it on their own. So either way in person or on line the terms are both the same you want to be the one and only. Next up, how to get the want to be the one and only, as well as how to keep the want when you’re married and bored. Barbara Jeanne xo

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