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Times Have Changed..We Need to Hold On to What We Got!

Many families are going through tough times. Some are working harder and making less money due to layoffs, job shortage and the rise in the economy. Although people don’t seem to be holding back on their spending it can make it a bit tougher on a couple’s relationships. Many men are working two jobs or overtime and moms are now out working for the first time. Although that may help the family’s financial situation it leaves less time to spend with the children and her man. Many times the women tends to the children first and leaving the man feeling he’s getting the short end of the stick. Women are too tired to notice that her man feels left out or in need of attention. But men have to know just as when you are working you can’t think of everything. Sometimes you’re just dead tired and all you are thinking is that you can’t wait to hit the bed. The problem with this situation is that men aren’t verbal and women will think what the hell is wrong with him. I’m the one that’s breaking my back, working, kids, cooking, cleaning and the list goes on. So men if you are in need of a little bit of attention you need to speak up and women need to take the time to listen if you care. First off women are physical, so hug her for nothing but a hug while she’s making dinner. Ask her how her day was and listen with all ears and rub her back gently while she’s making the kids lunch. She will be grateful and hopefully you will get your much needed tender loving care. You need to separate financial fighting it is a good way of ruining your relationship. Women have to know men need love, and don’t think they are being babies and should be acting like a grown man. You don’t like being ignored and either do they. Women you as well need to make it a point to show your man you care. Take time as well to see how they are doing, men are visual and love the scent of a woman. Throw on something cute and spray a little soft perfume. I am sure that I don’t need to tell you what needs to be done at this point. If so you need more than this one article. Barbara Jeanne xo

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