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What's Going Wrong in Relationship? It's What You're Doing Wrong & Can Easily Be Fixed

          We need to look at the big picture of why we aren’t connecting and succeeding in a healthy, happy relationship.  We start out in the right direction, with the best of intentions but somehow we cannot pull the long term, or any term off. So what might we be doing wrong? First off I believe that we have become selfish with our time, lazy with what we are doing for our partner and we end up giving very little of ourselves. And what happens is you two come to just exist in the relationship. That is not what a relationship is. That is two people period. A relationship is where two people come together to learn about one another. In doing this, you want to have fun with them, enjoy good conversations and see what they are about. If you like what you get to know you go into the next phase. Which is growing closer by talking, touching, laughing, communicating, and if you feel this is someone you truly want to try to be with you start to put your heart into it. This is where things may be going wrong and maybe something we need to start to practice. Now that you think you may have someone worth going forward you have to put in your head and keep in mind that you are going to give your all to this relationship. That means you call them, text them, see them. You do know not stop doing these things once you feel a closeness is growing. This is when many guys bail leaving the girls to wonder where the f**k did they go. If at any time you have a change of heart, you need to let the person know because at this point there are probably stronger feelings. If you aren’t feeling them gently let them go. And don’t keep them on a leash by calling them. So in closing, if you plan to be in a relationship, plan to do the things to carry a healthy relationship. We do know what they are, we just don’t do them. And if you don’t know please do read my book. But if you are done with the relationship you need to stop, this means just come out and tell this person that you are seeing what’s going on before too many feelings and emotions come into play and people get hurt, which is going to happen anyway by now and usually it is the person that is being let go. But you do own them closure. It helps them be able to move on. Barbara Jeanne xo

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very good article after me telling you how I felt about someone I guess you have a better understanding of the human condition you just can drop your feelings for someone but at some point you have to give it up and I could use some help in doing that so much history

September 27, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterjoe mack

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