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Easy Way to Keeping Those Unwanted Holidays Pounds Off

            This time of year is for the F’s…fun, family, and food.  And my oh my lots of it. With that being said we need to keep an eye on what our food intake is. You can add up many calories and put on the weight without realizing. Before you know it you have 10 unwanted pounds. Many times we put it off by saying that losing the weight will be your New Year resolution. But as we all know many times we don’t keep them. We have all good intentions on trying to keep them but when life come into play somewhere the New Year resolutions fade like the holidays that just passed. One resolution so many people make is to lose those unwanted pounds that we obtained throughout the holidays. Or maybe that unwanted weight that has been creeping up throughout the previous years. Either way many people hit the gyms but within a few days or weeks the visits to the gym become less to none.

             So what can we do to avoid this from happening, and be able to eat and enjoy but not gain too much unwanted weight? First off eat in moderation. Try to keep in mind that over stuffing or second helpings is usually not the best thing to do. Second, we have so many nice holiday songs that are quite upbeat and fast. Put together a little song list of 4 or 5 songs. Those songs that you can’t help but to get up and move that booty.  Next, dance to that music. Any steps, any movement, alone or with the children, have fun while burning calories. It’s that simple!

              Let’s tone while we are going through our daily routine. Butt squeezes are so easy to do them just about anywhere. Squeeze tight and release. Do 2 sets of 16. Stand on you tippy toes and down, do 2 sets of 16, this works your calf. While cooking or standing anywhere extend one leg back and out and lift doing 2 sets of 16. This will firm you hamstrings and you glutes. Do both legs and don’t tighten up the legs as you are lifting, just out and up. Watching television is a great way to do some exercises, one show and you are finished before it’s over.

               Imagine that watching your favorite show and doing exercise. Yes indeed it’s that easy. Stand and straddle pointing your toes outwards. Your legs should be in a V. Straddle enough that when you go down your hips are parallel to your knees and your knees to your feet. You always want your body to be in balance. This works out your inner thighs and you quads. Do 2 sets of 16. Hang in there we are almost done. When you get into bed to watch television, place your hands securely behind your head and look to the ceiling. The small of you back is placed firmly into the mattress, and knees bent up. Place your heels firmly placed into the mattress and you are ready to work the abs. Crunch up those abs doing 2 sets of 16. Don’t forget to breathe. Now if you would rather do your inner thighs in bed. Place your hands under your butt and straddle your legs up. Take them in and out, doing 2 sets of 16. Next push the heels to the ceiling doing 2 sets of 16. Bend those knees to make sure you are working those quads. For now the last thing I am going to give you is working out your arms. Extend them out. Circle your arms forward 2 sets of 16, then back 2 sets of 16. Keeping those arms extended and bring them up over your head CLAP and down, doing 2 sets of 16. You made it. Even if you aren’t buying, get out and walk the malls it’s good for your mind and body. Happy Holiday!                                               Love Barbara Jeanne xo


Tomatoes Does Your Body Good with So Little Calories

                It’s the end of the summer and the last of the tomatoes are out. Especially for certain states such as the New Jersey, they have the yummiest tomatoes. I should know living at the Jersey Shore.  So before those yummy tomatoes get refrigerated, try to get a hold of a few. A whole tomato is about 24 calories and with a tiny bit a salt they are delicious.

               But even if you can’t get your hands on home grown know that a tomato does your body good. Tomatoes are also known for their outstanding antioxidant content, as well as their rich concentrate of lycopene. Researchers have found connection between lycopene, its antioxidant and bone health.  Tomatoes are much more, they help lower cholesterol, and they help stress and prevent bone loss in ladies going through menopause as well as osteoporosis.  

             Studies have shown that tomatoes are good for your heart. They are a preventative for heart disease. Out of 26 vegetables that were studied tomatoes can out best in their anti-aggregation properties. Researchers continue to learn the benefits of the tomatoes. So put one in your salad, cut one for a snack or eat it like and apple. They are very low in calories and so rich for your health. Barbara Jeanne xo


Keep Fit Thoughout The Holiday with Barbara Jeanne

         Now that the season is changing people tend to put on a few extra pounds. One because we have several holidays a head of us, and what do they entail? Food! We start off in October with Halloween and not till New Year do we stop. That is three months of candy, parties and festive dinners. Oh and for many adults come the cheers with alcohol. That too can put on much unwanted weight. So all around us we have many temptations.  

         So before we give up and throw on the extra big sweater let’s just stop and think. The hardest thing for many is to not grab for the candy. But you don’t want to deprive yourself from a little sweetness. So go for the mini bites and limit to 3. If it’s cookies that you are digging into then it should be no more than 2. Let’s not forget pie and cake. If that is sitting in front of you, slice a small piece and enjoy. Don’t deprive but look at the size.

         Many people just don’t know and some may not agree.  What I do for everyone I have ever personal trained is count calories. It has been very successful for my clients as well as me. With your phone handy you can google anything you eat and it will come up with the amount of calories you are in taking. If you are looking for a sweet snack Nabisco Oreo snack pack is 100 calories and has enough to take away you craving. Once you start to see how many calories are in things you like it get easier to keep track.

         Now the hard part is keeping your intake compatible for what your daily need is. Meaning that if you are running a marathon or have an active job you are burning more calories than someone that has a job were the primarily are sitting. But to make it easy for women keep the calorie around 1500 daily give or take. And for men it should be about 2000 daily give or take. Once you get used to this amount you stay more conscious about what you are eating and it becomes much easier.    

          It is going to be much more of a challenge during the holiday season. So how do we stop from putting on those unwanted pounds? First off we need to stop saying that losing the weight and working out is going to be my New Year resolution. We all know that never works. If we do start to work out or diet (which I never agree with diets) we stop shorty after we begin.

         So here we are in September and the summer days are coming to an end. We all start to cover up we begin to go into hibernating mode. But this year I am going to be with you to guide you like a diary. We will hopefully be working out together. I will be posting good healthy food for each meal and snacks. Do’s and the don’ts and hopefully we will all achieve the goal of not putting on unwanted weight and be able to fit into our awesome holiday outfit. Women and men…I am speaking to you both. So look for my easy workout videos and the YES foods to eat. Barbara Jeanne xo



    Oh my how time does fly. We are coming upon another summer. Memorial Day is only 16 days away, with summer official on June 21. We have to get going on our way to shedding those unwanted pounds. Let’s not do it in a crazy way by starving ourselves, eventually we will want food and the pounds will come back on. So what can you do to help tone up and shed a few pounds? Get in a workout every day for just about 25 minutes. That is one T.V. show. Imagine that you can lie down on your bed while you work out.

          So please don’t say you will be too tired, too busy. Think of the how amazing you will feel to throw on your clothes and feel happy with the progress you will have accomplished. That’s what losing a few pounds and getting toned does. Imagine you actually be picking out clothes that you want to wear not the clothes picking you out. You do know what I mean.

          You may be wondering what exactly you have to do to begin. First off you need to get together a song list. It is important to pick songs that you absolutely love. The first song can be a bit slower to stretch and breathe and then we need three fast songs that make you want to move your booty. Next you need to begin with a quick stretch. Reach to the sky putting your legs out in a in a V. Stretch gently to the right, and slowly take this over to the left. Drop your arms between your legs. So now you are bent over and your arms are dead weight, slowly roll up one vertebra at a time. . As you roll up breath in when you get to the standing position breath in deeply and let go of the breath. Step back on your right foot to stretch out your leg, lean back just a bit, and next stretch your left leg.

           Here we go… let’s dance. Have fun all by yourself. If you have children grab them, it is twice the fun. Use your legs, arms and waist. If you need to do stop during the three songs then do so but keep moving and build up your endurance. You are doing great. Move to your own groove and enjoy. You might be thinking when the bed comes in play. When you are changing or watching television let’s get to our abs. Push you back to the bed and lift your head…up the down and repeat 16 times. Do not jerk your shoulders or head. If you find you are using you back and not you stomach, relax for a moment and continue to build your endurance. 

          If you want to continue, put your hands under your butt and lift for a tilt in your back. Legs are in the air with the knees slightly bent. Legs go out and in 16 times. Next bring your knees into your chest and out 16 times. When you get stronger or have more time do two sets of all. Last but not least let’s work on your butt. This is the easiest in bed, making dinner, at work just squeeze and release that butt.

          This simple workout will start you on your way. The only thing left is what you eat. Keep your intake of food to 1300 to 1500 hundred for girls and 1700 to 2000 for guys. This includes drinks. I will be posting foods that will make it easier to achieve this goal. You may think that you can’t live on this little amount of food. Think around the world. We are the fattest or heaviest country in the world. So many people are living fine on less food. We can do this and achieve the body that you can put just about anything on and say “LOOKING GOOD”, with a smile.

          I will be posting a video simple and easy to following. Come have fun with me and I will also be talking about eating and other tips. So let’s get started, I’II meet you in bed…just kidding. Barbara Jeanne xo


The Safe Accurate Way to Working Out (Getting Better Results Without Getting Hurt)

                          What makes me smarter than many others that talk about fitness or workouts? I have the background of working for an orthopedic Dr.  As well as working at rehabilitation centers for many years and I am a physical therapy asst. Many of the exercises that I see many fitness instructor are doing are harmful. Not all but a lot. First off they have to know about you before they tell you to go do 50 jumping jacks. If you have a bad back, neck, if you have ever injured your Cossack bone or have injury to your hips, ankles or basically any part of your body jumping jacks is not your ideal choice of exercise. You can do them with low impact extending one heel then the other heel. Next if you work on a computer all day you should not work out your forearm, it might do more damage. If you do you need to work it so it is not hitting the same target area that you type with. If you work with your arms all day you don’t want to overwork your biceps. If you do work out you have to know what you are doing because you can injure your biceps and it will trigger up your arm to your neck, then down your arm. Working out your arms is great especially that little pocket that tends to become flabby underneath your arm pit. But you shouldn’t raise your arms too much with heavy weights over your head if you drive a lot, seat a lot with your head down, or have had a neck or shoulder injury. This will only trigger the injury. So be careful in knowing what you need to be doing over your head. Last but not least in therapy most therapists do not to crunches but they are so popular in almost every aerobics class. Make sure you are not jerking your head and the small of you back is planted firmly on the floor. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. If you do any of exercises and it hurts during or afterwards in a way you feel uncertain if something doesn’t feel right don’t continue. All exercises aren’t for everyone. The instructor has to really know and tell you alternatives to the movements if you do have any injuries in that area that is being worked out. I have been so busy but I will be putting up several fun safe videos that you can do with ease and pleasure. The music and a great fun instructor make the class I feel. See you at my videos. Barbara Jeanne xo