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Be Healthy, Be Happy..Just By Being Yourself

I wish all people would realize how truly beautiful you all are. Some people are big, some are small but you’re still beautiful. You have unique qualities that others don’t. Get past the number on the scale, ignore the snide comments people make and love yourself. This is the only body you’re ever going to get so instead of hating it, why not learn to love it? Society is so caught up in body image when we could be focused on more important issues. NO one is perfect. Remember that next time you compare yourself to someone else. The grass is NOT greener on the other side. Being petite and thin does not make you anorexic or does having curves make you obese. We all have different body types and if everyone could just accept that, I feel that people would be a lot happier. It truly breaks my heart when someone tells me that they are too fat or too skinny and that no one will ever love you because of this. This is not true. You WILL find someone that will love you for who you are. Remember boys and girls, men and women, confidence is sexy and it doesn’t cost a thing. If you can learn to feel comfortable in your body, no one will even notice your flaws, especially if they love you. I promise you this. It would be great to have all people healthy as a whole and eating right is the way to go and to try to keep your body moving. But I do want everyone to know that this does not take away the fact that you are all beautiful in your own special way. God Bless and Just Be Happy!


The Does & Don't's to Getting the Body you Want (Here's Help that Works)

           As you get older you need to see what it is that your body needs. This is important to live a productive life and to basically feel good. We can make shake after shake and think all is good. It is not like that at all. We can be in taking to many calories. And soon you are gaining weight and getting your body off balance. So don’t assume you need to have for example Omega 3. Some people say it is so important for your overall health. But if you have high cholesterol Omega 3 as well a shell fish is something that you should be careful in how much you intake this. So although fruit shake can be tasty before you keep having them every day, it is so simple. You can goggle just about anything you eat. So take a moment to Google the calories. This makes it easy even with the food you eat throughout the day. I do not think you should diet, although I do think that you should watch how many calories that you intake each day. I feel 1200 to 1500 is good for a girl (woman) for most ages. 1800 if your doctor says you need more calories. As well as for men I believe it should be for a man 1800 to 2100. The same goes for men. If the doctor thinks your intake should be more. If you go over on the calories a few days here and there no problem, but if you go over all the time then you have a good chance of becoming overweight. So take time to learn your body. Take time to notice how you feel after you eat things. If you eat something and it doesn’t seem to agree with your body note it and talk to your doctor about it. People say that they hardly eat and they can’t lose. If you eat and put the pounds on you are slowing down your metabolism. Eventually you metabolism becomes dormant. It is so slow you can lose, you feel tired and at this point you feel helpless. So before you get too wrapped up with the added pounds stay on top of your body. If you already have gained the weight and feel hopeless know you can get that weight off and get down to the weight you are supposed to be. And I am always here to help. Barbara Jeanne xo


We Want to Look the Best that We Can, Let's Just Do It (Yes It's That Easy)


Tips on Losing the Weight You Want...I Make it So Much Easier

                    The weekend is upon us and we tend to munch a bit more. Why you might ask? Well you have access to food, although you do as well during the week days but on the weekends you are not working, or at school. We have the football games munchies time. We pick with the children, or while we are catching up on our shows. The point is that food is around all the time but while we are we have more free time on our hands we have more time to pick. This is a practice I want you to try. Every time you think of food, I want you to immediately change you train of thought. If you do this each day more and more you will eventually train you brain to think of different things. Write down on a piece of paper motivation tips for yourself. Such as I want to get my body to my target range for my height, or you can write I want to feel good for the holidays, anything that might motivate you. I want to be in my hot holiday dress, etc. If you take these baby steps with me you will start to see a difference. Next if you have not exercised in a while go to my exercise videos and chose one, like Nice and Easy. Together we can do this. Barbara Jeanne xo


Getting The Body You Want (Let's Make It Easy)

         Today as you start your day. This can be the first day that you try not to go for the doughnut but go for the fruit, the day you drink water instead of soda. The day that you decide not to have seconds as well as choosing a healthy choice when picking your meals. Let’s not stop there, why we would do that we are on a roll. Let’s take the stairs appose to the elevator. When you have 10 minutes to breathe put on some of your favorite upbeat music and just boogie. You don’t have to know how to dance, you just need to move. Today we’re going to end the day with not eating a few hours before bed to allow your food to digest. Together we are going too slowly but surely get your body at the weight range that your body should be. If you just work with me we can do this. Barbara Jeanne xo