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I Am So Ready & Excited To Workout: With You!

                          I am missing my fitness roots. Being in the field for so long that it is like getting back on a bicycle. I have 12 years of experience working with an Orthopedic Dr. as well as 14 years of experience working for a Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Center. I also owned my own dance and aerobic studio where I ran a girls dance group for 6 years as well as a female and male revue which I choreographed. I even miss doing my massage therapy, I mostly miss my clients. So many wonderful people that I have met throughout the many years that I have trained, massaged, or have taken my classes. I started out as the aerobic director in a huge resort in Vermont and I last was the fitness director at the YMCA of the Poconos.  What I want to do now is go back to my roots and have specialized classes. Personal or group classes, different packages that begin with the choice of your exercise and end with a short meditation or bio feedback and ends with a personal massage.

Classes offered   : Yoga/Pilates

                            : Low Impact Aerobics

                            : Zumba

                            : Step

                            : Kickboxing

                            : Dance/ Chair Dancing

                            : Nice and Easy

                            : Just Don’t Sit There

                            : Strength Training/ Weights

I have a 100% success rate, why? Because I am with you every step of the way and do not allow you to fail. We are in this together. If you are interested please contact me and let’s get started!

Love Barbara Jeanne xo


Let's Get Fit..It's Time to Stop the Excuses (Get Up & Do It: I'm Here to Help)

            I know you are supposed to love yourself the way you are. But what if you deep down aren’t happy the way you are. For one you put others that are skinnier maybe people you think that are prettier than you down. Second you make every excuse why you love yourself the way you are and why you are the size you are. The excuses run from medications, thyroid problems and the list goes on. You seldom hear people saying “I am just too damn lazy”. I mean you hear it but as the weight piles on the excuse changes. Because people think why would you allow yourself to get that heavy? The problem is that to get overweight you have to eat. Yes if you do take certain medication can make you gain, as well as thyroids but this is a small percentage of people. Children are eating fast food, junk food and parents are following right behind them. Parents not only serve it has their main meal but children are snacking on fast food. Now that we have this much of the problem, let’s move on. Children sit for hours playing games and are on laptops, tablets and computers and where the adults once said to the children to get off. Adults are now on the computers from work to social sites till bedtime. When In this time we could take a few minutes here and there to workout. Even trying to do it while watching TV during the commercials will help, do you understand anything, and any movement will help. So think about these words I am writing and believe that you can get to your target weight and once you get there you will feel like you succeeded. Then we have to work on staying there. Being fit is such an amazing feeling. Barbara Jeanne xo


The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements

         Dr. Oz is always giving us daily mix's of herbs and vitamins that say are good to take. Theses studies including one at John Hopkins Hospital says that taking them just to take can actually harm you. In fact vitamin c doesn't boost your imm...une system like stopping colds. You need to check what your body needs before taking them. Many people lives were shortened because too much of vitamins that weren't necessary or needed were taken. Same as too much antioxidants, taking away all bad we will make our body out of balance.

Read this article, it might save your life....




Feeling Sluggish, Stressed or in Need of a Boost (Help is Here)

                        Many people feel sluggish, tired and stressed. Eating a pickle, a teaspoon or tablespoon of vinegar will clean out your body and give you a boost of energy. Next take a tablespoon of olive oil and this help your joints, hair and skin. It’s important that you digest vitamin D for all ages. Young ones need vitamin D because their bones are growing and as you get older you lose bone density. Vitamin D also helps you focus. It also helps in the prevention of chronic diseases such as many forms of cancer, bones, teeth, hair and inflammation. It as well helps development of healthy cells, diabetes to obesity and the list goes on. When possible get out in the sun, it’s necessary for the vitamin D and also helps lift your mood.

Top 10 Vitamin D Foods

1. Shiitake and Button Mushrooms

2. Mackerel

3. Sockeye Salmon

4. Herring

5. Sardines

6. Catfish

7. Tuna

8. Cod Liver Oil

9. Eggs

10. Sunshine

Vitamin B’s help with your energy and you stress. It also includes fatigue, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, breast cancer, high cholesterol.

  1. Clams, Oyster, Mussels
  2. Liver
  3. Caviar
  4. Octopus
  5. Fish
  6. Crab and Lobster
  7. Beef
  8. Lamb
  9. Cheese


Vitamin B6 is necessary for the proper maintenance of red blood cells metabolism. It also helps the nervous and the immune system. As well it is very important depression, confusion, anemia and heart attack.

  1. Bran (Rice & Wheat)
  2. Dried Herbs & Spices
  3. Pistachios
  4. Garlic (Raw)
  5. Liver
  6. Fish (Tuna Salmon Cod)
  7. Sunflower & Sesame Seeds
  8. Pork Tenderloin
  9. Molasses & Sorghum

    10.Hazelnuts or Filberts

People like to juice now a days, although they are good here and there. A regular healthy regimen is good for your everyday intake. It’s so important to keep up all your levels at the target range, including sugars, sodium and other minerals. If you aren’t feeling well ask your Dr. to do a complete blood test check. Your health is the most important and priceless thing you have. But it is something we take for granted. Barbara Jeanne xo



It's Time To Get Fit (An Expert in the Field Might be What You Need)

             We know how hard it is to lose weight. We all want a quick fix. But that is not the way to go for long term. I always hear “how can I lose weight for a wedding I have to go to”? Whatever the case may be we need to look at the bigger picture and look at the height and weight chart and then work from that. We can’t just keep saying society is accepting bigger so it is okay. Eventually it is not okay, why? Well for starters it is unhealthy to be overweight at a young age. As we get older usually we don’t lose we actually gain weight. We don’t watch what we eat. Many foods we do eat or drink that we think are healthy could be fattening. So we got to learn the facts of realize we may not know what to do and if you don’t seek help from a professional. The thing is being in the field for so long, I have taken the opportunity to go back to school to learn the proper way to exercise. The proper way to eat is a great start to being a fit you. When you see results that you have been dreaming of you will know the work you put into it was well worth it. If you can’t do it on your own you need your very own personal trainer and dietitian and if this is case I am going to post daily starting today. Please check to see what it might be, a routine, a meal, a smoothie…there are many exciting things coming up. Barbara Jeanne xo