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Warmer Month's are Coming Let's Get Ready Mentally & Physically

                       I know that I said I would be posting a few new videos but I threw my back out and I could hardly move, let alone might any aerobic videos. I am going to make the videos fun, so that you enjoy yourself as you work out. I feel that is important to have fun while you work out. It makes exercise something you want to do, not ugh, I have to do. So far I will be doing a video with a chair called “Just don’t sit there”. So you can exercise while you are watching television or even while you are sitting at work. So easy you can even do on the elevator without anyone knowing. The next video is an oldies dance class. This one will be fun. We are going to be losing weight as we twist and do easy steps but keep moving. The third video is going to work the abs, waist and butt. I wanted to make an assortment of videos so you can pick which one suits you, your needs and style. You can also do as many as you like. The last two videos for now will be a chair video that does a little dancing and a little sexy routine that you can even use on you man. Oh and the last video, that will be a surprise. If you do these videos consistently you absolutely will see results. And as you do them I hope you will share with me you thoughts and input to how the videos are working for you. They will be rather short so for those days that you have a bit more time you can combine a few different videos and make it a bigger workout day. We have to watch what we eat. It’s important to remember in the winter we do less but naturally want to store more. Which means eat more. So although by nature we want to hibernate and store we have to remember we aren’t going to burn all the calories as you do in the summer time being out walking, swimming, riding bikes, etc. So when that little voice in your head is saying put down those cookies, or whatever it is that little voice that come through your mind that say eat me. Stop and think, eating and eating will only make it harder to lose that weight and the warmer months will be here quicker than we think. And that means we can’t hide in all those big baggie clothes. We want to be at a good place mentally and physically, so we will think okay let’s do this. Not that you have put on that much weight that voice is saying this is going to be impossible. So let’s watch our intake of calories and we can get that body that you want. And you will be so excited to pick the clothes of your choice. Not have to wear what fits you. I’m so excited to get this going and I hope you are as well. Barbara Jeanne xo


Getting the Body You Want is Easier Than You Think: Come Follow Me

         It is such a cold and snowy winter we are having. It makes us want to hibernate by nature. With that it means eating more, moving less and with that being said gaining weight. I myself have not been training as many people due to weather as they are being lazy as well. When I do see them they have gained about 5 pounds, even though I give them a food menu to follow. Somehow they felt the need to eat junk food and couldn’t control or fight the feelings. All I can say is “it is what it is” and start from there. We also don’t want to eat and eat and gain that much weight that is will become a challenge to lose it. Especially that spring is around the corner. Yes that is right even with all the snow we are having the warmer weather will sneak up on us faster than we think. What we don’t want is to find ourselves in a position that we have a long haul to get to our target weight. Before we get there let us try to think before we eat. We can put on some upbeat music and dance just to keep moving. It doesn’t have to be a long period of time but moving that body for a couple songs will help more than you might think if you do this every day. Yes I know every day but that is only about 8 to 10 minutes.  That is not long and it will help if you continue to do this. Think of it as fun, if you have children grab them and they will enjoy being silly and dancing as well. It not only gets you moving but your children as well. This will start you on your way to make you conscious of your food intake and to keep your blood circulating. This also keeps your metabolism from becoming too dormant.  This is what happens when we eat and eat and don’t exercise in any form or way. Your metabolism becomes sluggish and if you don’t move and keep eating your metabolism becomes dormant. We don’t know what to do to move at times. We don’t always feel like going out in the cold to make it to the gym. We might have young children that makes it harder to go to the gym, so we just don’t. Whatever the excuse may be we have to stop making excuses and start to do little things to keep your weight down and your body from getting to flabby. The winter makes it easier being able to wear more clothing. The big baggy sweater, sweats and you don’t realize until you look in the mirror that you not happy with what you see. And you may have gained more than you thought and now summer. So we now have the choice of buying big baggy summer clothes to cover up our body. This is not what you want and you know that. No matter how many times the media says love your body whatever your weight it is. Deep down people would love to fit into whatever they pick off the racks especially us women.

               As you get older you need to continue to move and use weights. It is important for your body in stopping the progress of having osteoporosis. It is extremely hard for me to tell you “to just do it” even if your mind is saying “don’t eat that” but you eat it anyway. It’s almost like there is a little voice in your head saying “eat me”. There are so many ways to move to start you off easy. I have taught a class for years called “Just don’t sit there”. This is where you would do your exercises using a chair. I will be doing a short video on this type of class. I will also be making a new Nice & Easy video for those who are beginners or haven’t moved in a while. A couple more videos will be coming including a Latin dancing video and a chair dance video. Last but not least I will be making a combinations class with stretching and meditation. This class is a feel good class. I hope you come and join me. So I will be busy in making these, but I want you to feel comfortable to know who I am. I believe you need to enjoy your exercise and the exercise that you do must be effective. In closing most of my videos got taken down because of copy writes of songs and the fact that they were Zumba videos and someone actually owns the rights to the word Zumba. So all that work and likes I got were gone just like that. Although I put some of them back up it is time for some new videos. I hope to see you there. Barbara Jeanne xo


Let's Be Honest With Ourselves To Get Our Body The Way We Want

              Many people today are reckless with the amount of food that they eat. The social media is not helping with love your body the way it is. I do agree that you need to love your body. Next so many girls are thinking thick is in and guys are kind of digging it. So they are taking a bit of advantage with thick is chic. I think every woman is beautiful but more importantly I truly think it is what inside is what counts.

                 Although I see young girl with thin upper bodies and their butts and thighs that are thick. So the foods let’s say that girls are in taking seem to be hitting the target areas that most girls would hope to. The guys that over eat still seem to hit the stomach area. But I feel that using the fact that being thick is in that many people are taking thick to the extreme of being overweight. The fashion industry is even being hit, people saying that the models need to gain wait. So instead of the size zero being on the runway they want at least a size four. That I can understand because most models at the average height of six feet, that weight is not healthy.

                 But what is a healthy weight? We want to have those curves but it seems that many of the people who seem to make thick beautiful actually want to lose weight such as Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Faith Evans, and many celebrities are slimming down. Even before Ciara got pregnant this once thick sex kitten had her body so cut and chiseled from dancing her ass off. So is it that thick is easier or does it makes it easier to be able to eat and say I’m thick? I do think there are different body types and some women are thicker than others. But being too thick is over eating. So if celebrities are starting to slim down will people follow and being fit is what will be in?

                   Even Dr. Oz says that thick is becoming too thick and that we need to start eating healthier. The average girl is a size 14, 145 pound and the average height of 5“4”. This was on the channel 2 news. As well as the fashion industry says they are putting smaller sizes on the clothes so women don’t feel badly when the have to buy a bigger size. So is that illusion helping people, or hurting people? I have to say hurting people. By no means a 5”4” should be 145. Every woman’s frame is different but we need to not allow our minds to run a mock that any size of thick is okay. We also don’t need to eat and eat and then use the fact that thickness is in. Because not eating healthy or trying to be fit somewhat is a disaster waiting to happen of becoming overweight and unhealthy.

                     We need to recognize when enough is enough. We need to know when thick is too thick and at what point do we start to become overweight. Many people love being thick and many people accept it. They think that this is there body size, shape and frame, it is what it is. I know people who were heavy their whole life and realized after losing weight and liking it that their frame isn’t big bone. They were just always over eating. So please know what you think your size is might just not be your body size but what you are eating.

                      Many people lose the weight and love it. They love the fact that they can wear whatever they want and the fact that anything they put on looks awesome. It is an amazing feeling to put clothes on and have so many options. It really actually sucks to put on clothes and have to try on different things because your legs and your top looks okay, but your shoulders and arms look too fat. Or your butt and you boobs look okay but your stomach is bulging.  It’s a horrible feeling that what you put on you just don’t like how it looks and you get disgusted.  I have always been fit and thin my whole life until I got thyroid problems and I started to gain until I stabilized. But until I did I felt like crap trying to put clothes on to accommodate my growing body. It absolutely sucked. So I do know how it feels to be thick and I myself did not like it. I did like that my boobs got big but that came along with a fluffy stomach, a thickness that I did not like.

                   If you love being thick that is totally you decision. Know the difference of being thick and being unhealthy and know that Media is pleasing society by saying it’s basically it is okay to be overweight. Why? So that we continue to shop, continue to buy. This includes clothes, foods and drinking. Truly being happy is being naked and loving yourself as well as being naked and being with your partner. Lastly knowing the difference of being thick and being overweight and that those charts that have the weight to height they have also changed as well. So be you, what makes you happy. But make sure that you put some points of being healthy to become a part of your life. It does affect your health somewhere down the line. Bottom line, love your body, when you are alone and by yourself, that is when the truth come out.  Barbara Jeanne xo


Let's Get The Body You Want...New Year...New You!

                            On the news today they said that a huge majority of the population is obsessed. Although we aren't supposed to call people this and we are also supposed to be very sensitive to people and not say overweight but thick. But I think that we need to be honest and with the weight that we all have or lack of it and concentrate on what exactly is healthy. And if we are overweight at an early age, well we are obsessed as we age. The answer would probably be yes. So it is not about getting into every bodies business but to say as a whole we need to become a healthier country.

          I can't help those that are stuck on thick is where it's at, or those people that don't want to talk about it. I can only help those people that are honest with them and say "I am overweight and it is time for me to do something about it. It is not as hard as you think and it is not torture, but yes it is work. But know that it feels absolutely fabulous to achieve your goal of losing the weight. Even more is to get to the goal of the amount of weight you wanted to be at.

         So where do we start? Get rid of all your junk food. These are called trigger foods. If you feel bad to throw out food store food in a different place or put it away in one area where you don't have to open and see the trigger food that make you gain. So what are trigger foods? Looks at the carbs, look at the grams of Trans fat and last look at the calories.

          Some people don't like to count calories but I think it is one of the most efficient ways to know what your intake is. You can say I can eat these many calories and once you are done. You are done. Next you want foods with protein. That gives you vitamins and you healthy choices. I will post a list to help you clean out those cabinets.                                                                                                                             

          Faith Evans, she is the rapper Biggie's wife. After 20 years has finally lost the weight. She lost 45 pounds and said it was something she always wanted and she feels absolutely fabulous. And you will too. You don't need to put a number on it but together step by step; inch by inch we will get to your goal. Remember Valentine's Day is right around the corner for those who want to fit into their lingerie. And if your single...damn just do it for yourself, because that is truly who you should be doing it for after all. Right! Barbara Jeanne xo


Time to Get Back to Being Fit...Head to Toe

               My roots have always been fitness, dance, massage therapy and working for an orthopedic doctor. I have done everything possible to master and achieve the most knowledge possible in each field. And those beyond what I have said, including meditation, bio feedback, and reflexology. There is so much more but this is where we start. I did my time, not just getting my certifications necessary but to learn in depth about the body to get it fit, healthy and healed when needed.  It is not just a job but a living that I love till this day. I want to bring my knowledge to help everyone that I reach become everything they want, hope and dream they could be. If it is to lose weight, if it’s to eat healthier, or just be more positive mentally. We will achieve this together. I will guide you to a place where you will look in the mirror and smile, because you will be healthier and happier, mind, heart, soul and body. Barbara Jeanne