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Living Our Lives To Show Love to Those We Care For (Especially God our Father)

I see so much love and kindness on all these different sites on the internet. Even out and about people seem to be getting friendlier, more loving and respectful towards others. Yet we have a long way to go and for those that believe I can’t help but thinking that God may be a bit disappointed in how we behave at times. I think this is affecting our everyday lives. There are disasters, weather conditions are not the best and unnatural events are happening. Let us not forget all the random shootings. So what’s going on and if this might be the case what can we do to stop the process of down slide mishaps? Although as I said before I do see a rise in people trying to do the right thing but there is still and overabundance of not treating people the best and the funny thing it is the people closer to you that we are showing a lack of care and concern. We take and don’t give. We have little loyalty in the homes between the parents, couples, children and friends. So if we can’t show the people close to us loving care, why can we do this so easily by showing it on all these social networking sites? Posts that go up show people care and remarks that are put up show there is feelings, so why can’t we bring this to our homes and families. We need to put an effort to those we care about. Take the time to ask how they are and not just use them when needed. Family should spend time regrouping and knowing what’s going on with one another. Are we happy with our lives, our jobs, with our relationships, these questions are important not just for you partner but for your children. We need to know and we need to show that we truly care just a bit more. Maybe it’s not too late to make God proud of us that we do care about, our family, friends, strangers and our lives. But we also care about a man that is truly important to us, God our father. Barbara Jeanne xo


We Need to Reconnect With Your Partner (Don't Think There's All That Out Here)

We need to relearn how to treat people and more so how to treat our mate. We rag, nag, are lazy, talk down and show very little care which is very disturbing, given the fact that this is the person you are supposed to love and have their back. It’s sad that men seem to get tired of their ladies and ladies tend to treat their man as a child. I’m not sure why women feel the need to speak to her man as he is useless and the man hates it so much he acts useless. There are those women that are too nice and bend over backwards and it seems only to get hurt by their man by being taken for granted. We need to learn to connect on a deeper loving level and stop pointing the figure at one another and realize it take two people to make a beautiful union and two people to break it. Unless one has cheated and in my book this is one that is never acceptable but you have to take under consideration your feeling and how much you love this person. For the last couple decade’s people are not seeing the loyalty in their own homes. Single parents, broken home and even talking about their closest friend in front of their children, this is showing lack of loyalty.

We need to treat one another we love, care, respect and basically how we would like to be treated. Friends as well are having trouble being there for their closest friend some when it comes to their partner it’s just not there. So to begin with we need to bring these qualities into your relationship you have a better chance of having a healthy, happier relationship. If you have children or when we do it gives them a better base how to treat not only friends but the person they are in love with. Speaking to them with respect is a good start and a better way to communicate. You will get further talking out a problem or something you don’t like that your man is doing than screaming which the man usually shuts down. And as for women, they just get bitter until they had enough and usually move on before you know it. In fact many times before your man knows it women tend to move on. So, to save what you have and you might have a good thing. All you really need is to be caring and nice, if that is too hard you must be moving on to another person.    It should not be hard to show love to the person you say I love you to and if it is something is not right. Barbara Jeanne xo        


On Line Relationships (When It Might Be Going Too Far)

So many people form on line friendships. Sometimes you may even build some sort of bond. You are both friendly, but don’t know one another, but still may think of a person and if they are doing okay. This would be absolutely wonderful if you didn’t have a significant other. When it is a friendship turning into a relationship and at what point might you say that is may be too much, and may be going too far? So what exactly am I trying to get at? When would you say you are having an on line relationship. It depends what your intentions are and that you both are on the same page, which is friends and nothing more. You can become friendly and consider them someone you may care about as you would a person of your same gender.  You may find that you enjoy talking just as you might think of girls with your girlfriend and guys with your buddy. When you cross the line and your curiosity is getting the best of you and your mind is wondering what it might be to be together. If this is the case your feelings may be getting too deep and you have gone too far. So you have to wonder why you are on line talking with this one person and not sitting with the person you say “I love you to”. If you feel that you are looking for something else you need to do some soul searching. Be honest with yourself and see what your relationship is lacking. Now remember the person across the computer can be all talk, someone completely not who they say they are. The pictures can be old, they can be older, heavier and may even be in a relationship but they don’t want to tell you. So please don’t have in your mind, you got yourself a cutie and only if. Only if you could you would just leave your relationship and all this crazy crap going on in your mind. Stop before you get too far. First off how would you feel if your love would be getting in as deep as you are? Next you need to make a decision are you in or out of your relationship that you are in. Before you start talking sexual you need to really think twice. Make a choice because this behavior is wrong and not appropriate. Yes you can have people you grow to care how they are and maybe their well-being but to think that you want them for a partner you crossed the line and need to do the right thing. Barbara Jeanne xo


Good Old Fashion Morals to Find Yourself a Good Partner

True Story, what is your take on this? We have a girl that wants to find love. Her birthday comes up and her ex-boyfriend travels across the country to surprise her. Not only to say happy birthday but to take her on a shopping spree, out for an expensive all out dinner and a night at a high end hotel. In the mist of all this he is also making a point to treat her like a true princess. He stated that this was her day and she could have anything she wanted. The problem was since he arrived she was treating him like crap. She would snap and talk down to him. When they went shopping, she didn’t even take time to try clothes on. She was pulling them from the rack, because the return value is always a plus to get cash back. She didn’t appreciate a thing. And to boot she brought her friends along for their intimate dining. Finally a friend did speak up to make her aware of how horrible she was treating this guy that flew across the country to spend time and money on her special day.

 So many people act like this when they are not really interested in a person. The problem is that many people accept this behavior instead of speaking up and when they do finally speak up, they are hurt and broken down. Why, because when we really like someone we put up with crap that we wouldn’t take from anyone else. What is worse is that to the person that is treating you like crap knows it and it is a turn off to them that you would accept this behavior from them. Most people are drawn to a confident strong person. The ones that go for the weak is usually because they like to feel superior or they may like to bully. Either way this behavior is absolutely wrong. People should be ashamed of themselves to treat anyone like this. That can make the most beautiful person ugly. We need to step back and see how we treat people. How do you treat the opposite sex? Do you treat them with respect? Are you only interested in those that can do for you or those that you really like? We need to think back to what we were taught as children. Remember this one…If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all, or don’t do to others what you would not like done to you. I could go on and on there are so many. The point is we need to start treating people with common courtesy. If you don’t like a person, be nice enough to let them go so they can find someone that will want them and treat them with kindness and love. You may not think they are worth much but what’s one person junk is another person’s treasure. Also why is at some point when you see them looking good walking with their new honey, you can’t help to think, “They wanted me first”, or “Maybe I should of given them a chance”. If more people were up front from the get go and if you didn’t like someone be honest enough to say, “You’re sweet but I don’t like you like that” they would be trying so hard for you to like them. They do have a good feeling be nice to just confirm. Did you ever hear of good karma? Good things will come to you if you do the right thing. Barbara Jeanne xo


Your Info Posted All to See, Even Your Ex Stalkers & Strangers

When you break up with someone you love or maybe they broke up with you but it wasn’t your idea, so you are not happy about this. It also may be a bit harder to let go because of today’s means of communication are plentiful. You don’t even need to leave your house to stalk your ex. So what are people doing when you say good bye. In the good old days people would call it a drive by, why? You would be driving by their house to see if your ex was home, did your ex have any strange new cars in front of their house? There was a limit to know how much information you could get and it was very limited. Now forget it, not only can they go on every site and look up your ins and outs but they can pay to know all your crap as little as a 1.00. That’s right for a buck you can get all the basics. If you want the full real deal no big deal take the full package. It makes it a bit freaky to know how easy it is for people to find out the information and business on the person you’re crushing on. Furthermore just in case you don’t know you can go through other peoples pages or site that you are friends with and even better just go to a friend of a friend and bam there you are now on you ex’s page and even found your way through to their new flame. Sites have you now mapped out exactly where you are at that very moment in case you wanted your stalker to come show up. Not only is there the location and spot of where you are at, people are posting their phone number. Many post their family members and minute to minute details of their daily doings. You may as well leave your social security number and I think you’re covered about telling everyone about your life. I write this not because I am not trying to criticize or judge anyone. I do want you to take a moment to realize and let you know you are giving information out to not only people you want but as well as people you may not want. That may be your purpose but if it’s not then think twice about you life’s detail being an open book. Barbara Jeanne xo